URGENT!!! We Have Moved!

Hello everyone, just a little heads up.

The reason I have been away for few days is because we have moved!

I know it is very exciting but And Then All I Thought About Was You has taken the plunge and moved to self hosting.

You can now find us here:


Please bear with me I am still tweaking but most things are in place, except a few blog badges and my blog roll, but I shall finish them asap. If you have a blog you want included then email me and I shall add you to the list!

If you were subscribed to this blog there is another email subscription over on the new blog, so please do click it and add yourself to that blog.

Thank you for reading this little old blog in the last year and I hope that you will enjoy the new one.

Normal service will now resume!

Thanks Kerry xx

And don’t forget pop over to www.andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou.com for the all new sparkling blog!

Dear So And So… Animals, Lessons and Cunning Plans

Dear Tito,

Now I love you dearly, but I am really getting to the end of my tether! Why have you stopped scratching to let us know that you want to go out for a wee. We can’t see the back door, so we don’t know you are standing there, will you please go back to scratching like you used to. As I am fed up with the accidents in the hallway. You need to make a noise! You’re a dog bark for goodness sake!

Your Owner x More

Fitness Friday Week 3

So it is that day again, weigh in day and I was dreading doing it this week, I really thought that I had done badly. I have not done any exercise have been waiting for my back to feel 100% which it is now thankfully, and I have had a few stresses. So I have eaten and not the best food. More

Project 365 Day 13

On the phone to Daddy telling him about his day! (And it’s a manual picture)

I Would Give To You

Sitting in the hospital

With your temperature peaking

And not going down

Your little tiny being

Laying so still but shivering and fighting whatever is wrong More


Today is And Then All I Thought About Was You’s birthday we are officially one year old!

It has been a mammoth year that I never ever expected to happen, I have made friends with people, have met people and have actually had people read my blog! Which still amazes me to this day.

When I started this little blog a year ago today, I was bored and I desperately wanted to reignite my writing. My initial thoughts on blogging were just to babble away and maybe a couple of my friends on Facebook would read it if I was lucky. More

The Gallery – Body Parts! Ears!

So it is the first Gallery of the year and Tara has chosen the prompt Body Parts!

I thought about this long and hard, I thought I would use hands but ended up using them for my 365 Project and everything else I thought of worked around feet and I thought lots of people may do that. So I was stumped and thought that I wouldn’t do the gallery this week.

That is until I found this…. More

Project 365 Day 12

Child and Mother. Hands together. From birth till the end of time. Obstacles may be in the way. But they will never break the tie!

Project 365 Day 11

Can a dog not lick his nose round here in peace anymore! Seriously!

Night Times!

I have a little issue, that I know my not seem an issue but it is slightly bugging me.

Over Christmas Baba got a brand new bed, not a toddler bed, but a proper full size single bed, and he loves it. As we were getting a new bed we knew that his Auntie was buying him a train table so rearranged all of his room so that finally some toys could go up there, due to my lounge looking like an extra from the ELC shop!

As soon as he saw the room he loved it, he actually shouted ‘WOW’ when he first saw it. We knew it was the right thing and that it was a hit from the beginning. More

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