101 Things in 1001 Days List

My list:

1) Loose and keep off at least 3 and a half stone in weight.

2) Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

3) Walk the dog daily.

4) Discover and research country walks to take the dog on.

5) Do 3x exercise a week as well as walk the dog.

6) Use the Wii Fit more.

7) Try new fruit and veg and new foods.

8) Eat three healthy meals a day.

9) Make sure Mr L, Baba and myself eat five fruit and veg a day.

10) Go on a foreign holiday as a family.

11) Do something as a family once a fortnight – an outing.

12) Go to the beach regularly, rain or shine.

13) Save up to go to a concert.

14) Turn off mobiles, laptops and TV for an hour a day to just be a family.

15) Stop nagging Mr L so much, accept that he does things in his time at his pace and not at mine.

16) Do something with Mr L on our own once a month.

17) Go to a show in London.

18) Change Baba’s cot to a bed.

19) Enrol Baba into Nursery.

20) Take Baba to the zoo.

21) Teach Baba to swim.

22) Wean Baba off the dummy by Christmas 2010.

23) Teach Baba to ride a bike.

24) Take Baba on a train.

25) Take Baba on a boat.

26) Take Baba on a plane.

27) Visit the library with Baba monthly.

28) Take Baba to a toddlers group.

29) Get Baba out of nappies.

30) Replace Baba’s fish.

31) Take Baba to a music festival.

32) Stop using Baba’s pushchair.

33) Join Marwell Zoo to take Baba regularly.

34) Take Baba to a pantomime.

35) Think off one thing each day I have done with Baba and keep a record of it. So I can look back on it when I am having a bad day.

36) Organise the house.

37) Draw up a jobs chart and stick to it.

38) Sort out all our clothes, and get rid of what we don’t use or fit into. Repeat this every 6 months.

39) Sort out all of Baba’s toys and repeat this every 6 months.

40) Do regular jumble sales of the stuff that we don’t want.

41) Renovate the back garden.

42) Renovate the front garden.

43) Put new fences up.

44) Buy a BBQ.

45) Change the back door.

46) Complete the downstairs toilet.

47) Put down a new hall carpet.

48) Finish the kitchen.

49) Spend more time in the garden.

50) Re do our budget and assess it 6 monthly.

51) Organise Mr L accounts, put into a spreadsheet, assess 6 monthly.

52) Organise my accounts, put into a spreadsheet, assess 6 monthly.

53) Sort the paperwork in the office. Keep it updated.

54) Start saving a set amount per month.

55) Pay off our debts and parents back.

56) Use money off coupons I get.

57) Sort out wireless broadband.

58) Stop junk mail.

59) Put reusable bags into car to remember to use them when shopping.

60) Write a Will.

61) Learn to cook more things.

62) When achieved number 60 invite people round for dinner every 2 months.

63) Learn to make soup.

64) Cook a new recipe from a book monthly.

65) Read a new book every 2 months.

66) Complete my writing course, by doing a module every couple of months.

67) Create a writing space in the house.

68) Write more poetry.

69) Develop my stories, already written and the ideas for them.

70) Write an article.

71) Blog my progress for each item on the list.

72) Make my blog interesting and get more hits.

73) Convince someone else to take up blogging.

74) Convince someone else to take up the 101 things in 1001 days challenge.

75) Put all off my photos onto the computer.

76) When 75 is completed edit and organise all of my photos.

77) Get all my scrapbooks up to date.

78) Take more pictures.

79) Make Birthday and Christmas cards regularly rather than in a mad rush.

80) Send Birthday cards on time.

81) Send Christmas cards on time.

82) Finish learning to cross stitch.

83) Research my family tree.

84) Go to the National Archives.

85) Completely sort out my Itunes.

86) Completely sort out my Ipod.

87) Buy a new album every two months.

88) Make a regular slot to see my friends.

89) Make a regular visit to my relatives.

90) Have another babe.

91) Think off something that has made me smile before bed each night and let that be my last thought.

92) Develop a better skin care routine.

93) Have a hair cut every 10 weeks.

94) Take a make up course.

95) Build my Avon team to over 200 reps, 6 reps per month.

96) Build my customer base to £300+ orders.

97) Have 15 Sales Leaders in my team.

98) Become an Executive Sales Leader.

99) Be the home earner so Mr L can go back to college.

100) Run Avon parties.

101) Sort out my Avon paperwork.


So all the things in red are the items that I have completed!


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. supersinglemum
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 22:02:19

    Fantastic – can’t wait to watch your progress!


  2. Meagan
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 16:11:32

    This is so great. I may just have to do this too. I just made a list for this week, and it only includes five things. 101 will be a challenge, but sounds exciting!


  3. donna
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 12:51:29

    well done…you can tick off another one because Ive decided to join you in this blogging lark. Even if its only me that reads it, it will be a good little diary to look back on.will attempt the 101 things to do aswell.love your style of writing by the way you should get your stories out there.xx


  4. Susie
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 13:09:53

    One word of advice about budgeting:(I volunteeer with an organization that helps families budget and get out of debt and live within their means)

    You need to write down all of your expenses. You also need to do a monthly budget before the month starts to spend all the money on paper before the month even begins. You also need to looka t least weekly as to where you are at for that month’s budget.

    Good luck-it is worth it!

    BTW-check out http://www.daveramsey.com great free podcasts plus budgeting sheets to download for free.


  5. Emma
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 11:27:32

    Glad to see another blogger doing the 101 list, I’m a bit obsessed by mine!


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