Well Hello!

Well hi, this is my first blog and I hope that you like it.

So to introduce myself I am Kerry and I am a work at home mummy to my 1year old boy, who is a cheeky monkey and if you read my about me, you will know that he is affectionately called “Baba” by me. We spend many an hour playing with stacking cups, blowing raspberries, watching children’s tv, and I spend many an hour trying to keep him from attacking the dog!

He goes of to Nannies two days a week while I work and I love my job, but I love having him back at home. However some times when I have changed the tenth smelly nappy of the day I am craving a bit of adult time, and thats why I wanted to start the blog. I want to just sit back and look over our day and forget about the nappies and actually see what we have done in the day and be proud and happy with the time that we have spent together.

Motherhood, no one can prepare you for, and everyday something comes up that makes you go “oh holy ****! What am I supposed to do now?” But you sort it out you have to and quick and you move on to the next thing in time. My little man never ceases to amaze me, he has relentless energy and can go for hours on 2 hours sleep, while I am nearly curling up in the corner. (I suppose it doesn’t help that his dad is still like that know as an adult when he comes home from work). He keeps going at something, and persevering till he gets what he wants and I watch him sometimes and think that maybe we should all be a bit more like a baby, and have that never give up attitude. He amazes me everyday, but at the same time there is always something hard to do, something that is trying and makes you scream inside but it is all worth it in the end when you get the cuddle’s and the smiles.

So I hope that you like hearing about our days, and how my brain thinks. I apologise now I ramble and I may not make sense, and I am not even sure if anyone will actually read this but here we go!

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