Nan I Miss You

Writing Workshop Badge This post was inspired from Sleep is for the Weak  Writing Workshop and I choose Prompt 2)

Tell me about something you miss
– Inspired by Tara’s beautiful post in which she laments over time moving too fast: “The one where I learn to appreciate the little things”.

I have never done this before but lets hope that I do ok, but I thought that if I was going to do it I may as well do it now, otherwise I will just read and not take part.

Nan I Miss You

Five years have gone since my beloved Nan passed away, and so much has happened in that time. Even now it breaks my heart to think of the things that she has missed since she has been away;

  • I have moved house three times and brought a house
  • Met my other half
  • Got a dog
  • Started my business
  • Given birth to my little boy

But most of all I miss her. I miss the fact that she always went to a hairdresser on saturday to get her hair washed and blow dried, she went to the café on a friday with her friends for coffee. Whatever time of the day you went to see my Nan her house was immaculate, and she always had a drink and some biscuits in her cupboard, and you never had to worry as she had a wardrobe of food supplies incase she ran out.

I miss the pride she had for me and my sister we could do no wrong, and she made sure that everyone who knew her were told how great we were.

But the thing I miss most about my Nan was her personality, she was a proud woman who took some serious secrets to the grave with her. She was a respectful strict mum and she was a proper woman. She made lemon drizzle cake, and triangle sandwiches for visitors and cups of tea were served with saucers, but you gave her a sherry at Christmas and she was a different woman. She would be walking around with her nightdress on and a Santa’s hat without her teeth in giggling with my mother till the early hours of the morning, and that is the Nanny that I miss!

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  1. mumtoj
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 08:53:01

    Lovely post, I lost my Nan 5 yrs ago too and I’m gutted that she never got the chance to meet my son who was born almost exactly 9 months after she died. I’ve written a letter to her and a poem on my blog ( The Final Goodbye and Dear Nan ) because at the time (and since then) I’ve never been able to say goodbye. Reading this has made me think again about all the happy memories I have of her. Thanks 🙂


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