Joy Of Being A Mummy

I have had one of those draining days today where it just seems to get worse and worse. It all started nice and early, at 5.30am that was a nice surprise from Baba I have to say. Screaming and crying at the top of his voice, so of I trudged in to be meet with a disgusting nappy and a crying baby. A few minutes and a change of clothes later, for Baba not me, and Mr L was gone out the door to work, and I was left with Mr Grumpy Pants.

Bless him, I don’t think he has known what to do with himself all day, one minute he is fine and then he is screaming the house down, and is just pointing at everything in sight view. I give it to him and he screams, he puts his little hands up in the air and I pick him up, and he wants to get down.

Up and down we go till nap time, which surprisingly he doesn’t fight today for the first time. He just falls asleep in my arms watching tv, but even then he isn’t settled. He was twitching in his sleep, and moaning and making little cries for the time that he was asleep. And then it started all over again.

Up and down all afternoon, he was hungry so I made him food which he licked and then pushed it away, it is amazing how much energy a one year old can have through out a day just from a weetabix, and a couple of yoghurt’s. He finally started to settle late afternoon, while we sat and had a cuddle, with dog included watching a movie. Then Mr L came home and he was happy again. Don’t you hate that!

Even though at that precise moment I could have screamed as I had battled with him all day and he sees Daddy and its all ok, I was actually pleased that he seemed happy for more than 30 seconds AND he was not screaming! He even sat and ate his tea, which I was really pleased about! Thinking that the worse was over (how wrong was I) we got him bathed and settled him down for an early night! What a trap he was pulling us into…

Drinking his milk, sitting next to Mr L, Baba proceeded to vomit all over Mr L and the sofa! Lovely, we then had a very very upset little boy, who was obviously feeling sorry for himself. A stressed Mr L who had sick all over him and a Mummy who was being shouted at!!

So moments later when I had cleared up the house, Baba and Mr L, calm was beginning to be restored in the house. Even though Baba was still crying standing at my leg arms up in the air, so I picked him up. This time he was quiet very quiet and went in for his snuggle! And forgiveness was given!

It doesn’t matter that I am as tired as him, probably more and have a ringing in my ears from the screaming going on all day. Just having that snuggle means that everything is forgotten and I can turn round and say “it’s ok, he’s teething.”

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