Baba has always been quick of the mark, whatever you show him, he never forgets, even if he can’t do it at that time he will learn how to do it! He learnt to walk early, and he has managed to always keep Mr L and myself on our toes. However I have always had a problem with his speech, Mr L says it is an irrational problem, and it probably is, due to the fact that for the last 10 years I have worked with disabled children.

Anyway I digress, my problem has been that I don’t think he has picked up his words very quickly, and when we see other babies of his age they seem to be trying to speak more than him. Mr L says that every child has something that takes them longer to grasp and to stop worrying and I so hate it when he is right!!!!

Obviously Baba has been able to say the normal, “MUM” as he so specifically says, and “Dadda” but that seemed to be it for a long time, however in the last month we did acquire a few more words. Fish pronounced “ish”, juice pronounced “uice” and “Sully” we have a Monster Inc fan in our house, and “Teats” for our Dog T! But these words need either Mr L or myself to translate to other people, now I know that you are probably thinking that I was being neurotic about this but I was stressing about it, I do know that I was being irrational but you know how us mums are when we worry. However today Baba has changed all this. I am so proud of him in one day he has started to say so many words or so I thought* and they are not all correct but he is trying and that is what counts. So here is the list of what he has said today;

“All” = Ball

“Ganda” = granddad

“Nanna” = Nanny

“ootall” = Football

“uck” = Duck

And then the usual “Mum” “Dadda” “uice” “ish” “Sully” and “Teats” so actually a few words I feel for a nearly 16month old! So I am not worried and admit that I have flapped for nothing he can say 11 words for goodness sake.

*Later on in the day Mum admits that he has said a few of these for a while up their house!!!! Why didn’t they tell me? Mums!!

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  1. Paula
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 08:57:56

    LOL! Mums indeed! She obv didn’t want to upset you by thinking you’d missed anything. What a lovely way to record Baba’s first words… i used to write them down, as well as the hilariously ‘wrong’ things they said but this is much nicer…



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