Little Baba

I went to see my friend today and her new baby who is 5 weeks old while Baba stayed at my sisters. I decided not to take Baba as I wanted a little sneaky cuddle without worrying about what Baba was getting up to, and she isn’t far from my sister so it was an excuse for her to have him.

While I was there Mr L called, when I had the baby on my chest fast asleep and told Mr L this, which was quickly responded with “Shall we have another one?”

“No” I replied.

“Oh shall we, go on” Mr L is desperate. “Does it make you broody?”

“No, we are not having one yet” Mr L then got of the phone and wasn’t impressed.

But it got me thinking, did holding this tiny 5 week old baby make me broody? Regardless of the fact that I had a very good friend telling me that she was only getting a couple of hours sleep at a time, and that the little baby was always demanding food, and wasn’t going more than 2 hours before he wanted more food. Was the actual holding of the baby making me broody?

No I don’t think it was, it made me miss having Baba like that, actually miss is not the correct word, it made me ache not having Baba that small. Having him in my arms holding him at my waist with his legs curled up like frog legs, and his head resting at the bottom of my chest, I miss him being that tiny and not making my hand and arm ache. But no it didn’t make me broody it made me realise that I do really want another one at some point but not broody.

The only other thing that it made me wonder was how do you share that love that you have for one baby to two babies? Another big question to answer there, and at the moment I cant answer it!

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  1. Crystal Jigsaw
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 10:48:31

    I wouldn’t be able to answer it either; I couldn’t think about having another child, one has always been enough for me!

    CJ xx


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