Play Schools!

Oh what a day, I have tried to find a nursery, or playschool for Baba today and oh my god what a task.

So far Baba’s live has been relatively easy, with Mummy three days of the week and with Nanny one day, and with Nan the other day while I work so nice and easy. However at 15 months I think that he doesn’t interact with enough children of his own age.

He spends loads of time with his cousins, but they are 4 and 8 years. He also sees a lot of my friends children, two in particular, but still only one is his age, and then my other friends kids are all baby babies, only just born in the last couple of months. So I constantly have a nagging doubt that he doesn’t spend time with children of his own age.

I have managed to find a couple of groups that we can go to, one music group and one group that is arts and crafts, so hopefully that will help us to meet a few more people. But I think, well both Mr L and I think that Baba should attend some sort of playschool once he becomes 2. So that is what I have looked at today.

I have to say it is a minefield, after sitting at the computer for nearly two hours, reading reports, and comments from parents etc I don’t think I am any better off, just a little more confused. I know where I don’t want Baba to go and then that is about it. We have narrowed it down to three I think, there is two playschools, one with another local school, and a little playschool, and then a nursery. A very expensive nursery,but should you really skimp on your only child’s education? It is a really tough one, as I know that we are looking for him to interact with other children, but we are starting his education in the place that we choose. So how do we know we are making the right decision?

We have booked the nursery for a meeting next week, so we will have to see how that goes. Mr L has already got a list of questions to ask, so we could be there for a long time. So what would you ask a nursery? I have some questions that I think we should ask but what do you think would be the most important questions?

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  1. chekuragi
    Jan 29, 2010 @ 00:32:56

    i don’t quite understand your english but i understand how you feel that your kid seems aloof with children on his same age, i think it is normal even my eldest son has the same attitude but now since he is already 3 he likes to interact with people and kids of different age. i will be sneding him to pre-school this year.


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