Special Days

Today I actually spent a whole day with Baba, and we did nothing all day and it was so nice. We have been so busy this week, meeting people and going places and sorting things out, that we haven’t really just chilled.

Baba isn’t on top form as he is quite poorly and full of cold, but I can’t fathom whether it is a cold, teeth or the fall out from the MMR jab sometimes I have decided you just don’t know. Even though he is full of cold he has been quite chirpy, he just gets very upset about silly things, that would not usually bother him. When I say upset he doesn’t just have a cry, he is hysterical for a few minutes about the silliest thing. Earlier on today it was because he wanted to take off his sock and he couldn’t do it, so he screamed and screamed. His face screwed up, and the tears fell and he was inconsolable for about 2 minutes and then he was fine. He has always been a cuddly boy, but at the moment he is even more cuddly which usually means that he is not feeling 100%, but I love it when he is so cuddly as you can never get enough Baba cuddles.

So as he wasn’t 100% I decided not to take him out for a walk in the forest near us, but to stay in and his Auntie came round to see us, which was lovely as we had an excuse to stay in then. We all watched a movie, and Baba got out all of his toys and was having great fun. It was nice just to sit back and interact with Baba and really devote the day to him. We were having such a nice day and it continued when Mr L came home.

I had to nip out and came home to Mr L giving Baba a bath, which was a lovely moment as I could hear Baba having a great time and laughing with his daddy, and it was the first time that Mr L gave Baba a bath all on his own. He always lets Baba get in his bath, but he has never bathed Baba on his own, that was a special moment and one that I don’t want to forget for a long time.

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