At last back in the land of living

Well what a weekend, and I don’t mean that in a oh my god I had a great weekend kind of way. We had an awful weekend due to me and Baba both having a sickness bug. It was one of those 24 hour things, that completely wipes you out of all your energy and ability to move, even your toes hurt. So it was horrible and I did feel for Mr L as Baba fell ill friday night and I feel ill saturday morning so all of saturday Mr L was looking after both of us. I have to say he was very good at it, getting us what we needed and not getting annoyed with me requesting things.

There is nothing worse than having a child poorly, and Baba has in the past had a febrile convulsion due to his temperature rising, so I am 150% neurotic when he is poorly. I am up and down the stairs every hour, I have the tv monitor back on so that I can see him all night and I think I ask Mr L about a thousand times in the evening “is he ok?” But besides being all that, I still didn’t realise he was that poorly, I knew that he wasn’t right, and was just going up to bed on Friday with some medicine for him when he was first ill. This continued for the next 3 hours, with Mr L and I up and down with him. It is amazing how at 3am you can change your whole sleeping arrangements around and don’t even complain. Mr L was on the sofa bed in Baba’s room, and I was in our bed, and then I was the one that got poorly, madness!

Even with all of this going on there was a moment on Saturday that I think I will treasure forever, if it makes any sense to treasure a moment when you are both poorly. I was in bed trying to sleep off the bug, when Mr L brought up Baba as he was so tired. He put Baba in bed with me and Baba feel immediately asleep, and it was so peaceful and lovely to have him in bed with me, fast asleep next to me. It was a special moment, just me and him. I kept looking at him fast asleep and even now 16 months on I am so amazed that he is Mr L and my child. Just shows that children can still make you go wow when you are feeling at your worst!

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