As most of you know I am a member of Judith’s Room the lovely and great creative writing community, and each week they are doing a theme to do a piece of writing about. Currently it is the seven deadly sins, and this week is Envy.

So here is my response for


I envy the days and nights of freedom
I envy finishing work
I envy going to work!
I envy only having me to look after, and me to think about.
Where are the days where you just decide to go to the cinema,
Just decide to go for dinner,
Just go down the pub for a few and spend the next day in bed, remembering the night before
Bed oh I envy spending long periods of time in my bed
Whether day or night
Right now I wouldn’t care
I envy being carefree and having no worries
I envy being slim
I envy being able to eat what I want, spend what I want and not bothering anyone
I envy the youth that was me!

But would I want to be back there? No – well maybe just occasionally just for a moment!!

(Please be kind, this is the first poem I have posted)

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