Snippets of my day

Baba and I were at Nannies for lunch today. Baba was sat in his high chair getting his hands and face washed after lunch. He laid his hands stretched out over Nannies table, and started blowing raspberries on the table, in between each raspberry he lifted his head and laughed hysterically at my mum. This must have lasted for ten minutes, mum now officially thinks my child is mad.

Baba was behind the curtain, pulling it in front of him and pulling it back again, and laughing. No one was actually watching him, but he thought it was so funny just to keep hiding. He then screamed in a fit of fun, ran across the room, and stood right in the corner of the room, by Nannies cupboard and poked his head out from behind it.

Each time he pokes his head out he says, “moo” (think it is meant to be Boo!)

Then his head goes back behind the cupboard and you can hear him giggling.

This lasts ten to fifteen minutes before he is bored.

Forward an hour, I go upstairs to the toilet. Now mum has a door between the kitchen and the hall, that is always shut to stop Baba from getting upstairs. I am sitting on the toilet doing my stuff, and hear this little voice downstairs “uh oh” Baba has only opened the hallway door by himself. I quickly finish and run out of the toilet, (it is at the top of the stairs) Look down and see Baba standing at the bottom of the stairs, hands over his mouth saying “uh oh” repeatedly.

I ask him “What are you doing there?”

I get a reply of hysterical laughter.

Mum walks through the door “How did you get there?”

Baba hysterically laughs at her and walks as fast as he can back into the kitchen! Laughing all the way!

Just two little snippets of a 15 months old excitement in a day, what fun it is to be little!!

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  1. Hayley
    Feb 05, 2010 @ 20:48:14

    Thats so sweet! I remember when my little guy used to do similar to that! Its so adoreable! Bless him!!


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