Ding Dong Avon Calling

I decided to write about this even though when I started my blog I thought that I wouldn’t mention my job, but after yesterday my brain is preoccupied with my business, and I think that it will be for a while so I felt that it was a good time to talk about it.

NB/ I apologise now if this does not make sense am very tired!

Here I am the local Avon lady!

I have done Avon since I was pregnant with Baba and decided to join as a Sales Leader last August, so now I have my team and sign up representatives and support them with their business. I love my job, as all of my hours work around Baba and I can work from home and can work whatever time I like. So it works well with Mr L and myself.

Until now I have plodded along with my Avon and have worked on all the things that I like to do and tried to avoid the areas that I don’t feel so comfortable with. I have worked on it slowly and now realise that I have to change all of this, I went on a training day yesterday and got told not to play at Avon!

So I have decided that I am going to start doing Avon parties – wish me luck. I have done party planning before, not with Avon, and did like doing them. However this was four years ago so am feeling a little apprehensive about doing them. I have worked out what to offer the hostesses as a thank you for having the party and have decided the order of the party. I now just need to find some things to give as raffle prizes and prizes for the games that we are going to play and find some people to have the parties, I think I will start with one at my house, as long as Mr L agrees and mum has said she will have one! So wish me luck!

Here’s to a new beginning!

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