What A Day

I had a busy day planned today, prospecting and then home to do some cleaning, paying some bills, sorting out my order for work and generally being very busy. While Baba was up at my mums house.

Well none of that happened, I dropped off Baba to my mums house, and my dad was home too. I went home and started on the dreaded cleaning, as I decided to give prospecting a miss, as I didn’t think Baba was 100% due to his teeth, so thought I would do the prospecting tomorrow instead. So said to mum that I would collect Baba at lunch time.

Got a call from my mum saying that Baba had had a really bad nappy and could I bring up another vest for him. Yeah that was fine, so I found a vest, and carried on with the cleaning to get that done before picking him up as I only had about half an hour or so before I said I would pick him up.

Then I got the call….

my Dad…

“You need to come up here quick, your little boy has collapsed, we’ve called an ambulance”

Well I think my heart stopped for a moment, the poor dog got hysterically shouted at to “GET IN YOUR BED” As I frantically tried to find my shoes and coat, and bloody car keys.

I ran to the car and drove as fast as I could to my mums, she only lives about three minutes away at the best of times but I had to get there as quick as possible. I am sure that I broke the speed limit to get there and as I drove into mum and dads car park I left the car randomly parked up against the wall of the car park and ran as fast as I could to mums house. (Now if you know me you will know that I do not run)

I got to the door and Baba was in the recovery position on the floor with my dad behind him, screaming the place down and crying at the same time. But also looking like he could fall asleep at any moment, and dad was frantically trying to keep him awake. It is the ultimate fear to walk in and see your child like that.

Now I think here I should let you know that Baba has already had a febrile convulsion when he was 10 months old, when he had a double ear and throat infection and that time I was the one that was holding him when he went into the fit. So I have been there, but somehow, I think that I had convinced myself that he would have one and that would be it. You see I had one when I was 18 months old, Mr L had one when he was a babe and my nephew had one when he was 14 months or so but none of us ever had more than one. So I naïvely thought that would be it with Baba just the one and then it would be over. Even though we were told the first time he could have more, I never believed that he actually would. So this came as a complete shock to me.

I was shaking from head to foot when I arrived at mums, and am shaking now writing about it. As usual when it is happening the ambulance seemed to take forever, which I don’t think they did in reality but it always seems longer. When they got there they took Baba’s temperature and it was 41C poor little thing. They thought that he had a convulsion due to him teething as he has four molars coming though at the moment, but thought that he should go into hospital just in case.

So then the fun begins, I had to get my mum and dad to call Mr L as I couldn’t get hold of him and explain to him what had happened to Baba. I felt so bad doing that, it was a thing that should have come from me, but needs must I had to go with Baba. There I was rushing to the ambulance with Baba in his nappy and a blanket in the snow, so as not to let him get too cold but to make sure that he did cool down. I am sure that we looked a site and that mums housing estate was talking!

We finally got to the hospital with Baba screaming which he continued to do for nearly an hour in there with all the prodding and poking, and ears being tested, temperatures being taken, blood pressure being taken and trying to get a wee sample off a 16 month old (that didn’t happen) they finally diagnosed him with Tonsillitis! He was then given some Penicillin (he hates it) for ten days at four times a day and I was told to give him Calpol – four times a day and ibuprofen – three times a day, to make sure that his temperature doesn’t rise again. The poor little guy will be so drugged up he wont know what to do with himself.

So we brought him home, and he slept for a while, but after that he seemed a little happier, but not sure whether that was because he had so many drugs in him! He went back to sleep very easily though, and we have toped up his meds throughout the night, and he will be having one more calpol before I go off to bed. So if I am not here too much over the next few days you will know where I am looking after Baba but hopefully he will be over the worse now!

I just have to check that mum is ok tomorrow, as she is so worried that she should have given him some calpol and then he wouldn’t have had a fit, but to be honest, he gives no warning and just fits so she wouldn’t have known anyway. I am just glad that he had a fit with people that he loves and trusts just as much as his mummy and daddy as they obviously gave him as much love and support that they could at that time. So I think maybe a bunch of flowers and thank you card are in order for them tomorrow, if I can get out as I feel that they deserve it.

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  1. Nickie
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 23:15:45

    oh goodness – how terrifying for you all. So glad he’s on the mend. And your parents were brilliant too x


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