Holiday’s past and future

We got our confirmation today for our Sun holiday, to Wales. We are going for a long weekend and I can’t wait.

Now I know it is not the most fantastic holiday in the world, but it is our first family holiday and I am so looking forward to it. We are off to a caravan park and it brings back lots of happy memories of my childhood holidays.

Mum and Dad don’t do abroad holidays, my mum wont fly, wont go on a boat, and wont go on bridges so we were restricted for holidays. We went to Devon, Kent, Somerset and Cornwall and that was our holiday destinations when we were little. We always stayed on a caravan site, and I used to love it!

I used to love the drive down there, in the times before sat nav’s mum always sent dad down a one way street the wrong way. We would always be told by dad that we were going home, as he was so stressed.

Once we had got to the park we would have to find our caravan and then it was the fun off exploring, going to the swimming pool, and the entertainments in the evenings. I used to love it all.

As my sister is so much older I was always allowed to take a friend with me and it was one of two friends. We had great fun there are many stories to tell, so I have just selected a few short memories:

  • A offering everyone a cup of tea, after a torrential thunderstorm hit the caravan park and we had no electric! Bless her everything is sorted with a cup of tea!
  • C pulling open the bathroom door on me when I was on the toilet! Much to my embarrassment, lucky we are best friends. She on the other hand was wetting herself.
  • C getting hyper on coke, putting a sleeping bag over her head, running round the caravan saying she was a human condom, (we were 14/15 at the time, these things were funny) and then falling over and getting stuck between the two single beds in the caravan!
  • Going on a bike ride on the beach with C and both of us getting stuck in quick sand with our bikes and dad having to pull us out.
  • Playing golf with C and dad, dad spent more time in the ditch trying to retrieve C’s golf balls as she kept hitting them the wrong way!

These are just a couple of memories that I have from my childhood holidays and getting this holiday has really brought them back to me.

I hope that we can start to make our own great family holiday memories so that in 28 years time Baba is still remembering them. These are special times that I look back with great fondness, it was always the time that dad wasn’t stressed, mum wasn’t stuck in the kitchen all the time and no one really cared. I think that normal life can get so bogged down with the boring things, that you forget to laugh and be stupid and I am hoping that all three of us will do that on this holiday.

Amazingly A is still one of my closest friends and C is still my closest friend today, she is Baba’s godmother and I trust her with my life. The holidays are something we will always share, and will be able to talk about when we are old and grey.

What are your favourite memories of childhood holidays?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 07:47:39

    sand is mine. Not the beachy stuff but they way that when you are in a village or town by the sea, sand is everywhere, on the streets and roads. I found really exotic and exciting as a kid.

    I don’t really have any specific place holiday memories though.


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