Impressive Baba

Baba was at Nannies today as it was a work day for Mummy. He bowled in to her house at lunch time, (as we got a few extra hours today on our own) chatting away to his granddad. He was so at peace that when I said goodbye to him, he turned around and just waved, I don’t think he even noticed that I had gone, as he was back playing with his garage straight away.

Today when I went to collect him he did a succession of things that I was very impressed with, I don’t know whether he just preforms at Nannies, or whether he has done these before in front of her, but to me they were new.

When I arrived to collect him, he was standing in Mums kitchen holding onto mums leg, trying to put his shoes on. He has these white Adidas trainers that are velcro, and he was sliding his feet into them. I wondered whether he would manage it, but he did, and not just once, he got both of his feet in the shoes. All be it on the wrong feet, but I think that is a skill for a 17 month old! I was very impressed.

But the impressiveness didn’t stop there, he went into her hall and was laughing standing on the door mat. He had his feet wide apart, and was standing flat on his feet and then up on his tip toes repeatedly, really fast. Almost jumping! He was so proud of himself and stood there clapping himself as he thought he was very clever.

In the lounge, Baba ran behind the full length curtain at Mums house, pulled the curtain round so he could see me, “Boo” he said. The first time this has been said! Yeah for Baba!

I love coming home to Baba doing something new, he never ceases to amaze me at the moment. He is learning so many new things, and is so much fun when he realises he can do it. He stands there and claps himself and looks round to make sure that everyone is clapping him! So cute, they are the moments that I love to be mum!

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  1. Heather
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 05:40:10

    These are wonderful moments are’t they! Well done Baba!


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