Back to Work Yeah

I went to see my up line within Avon yesterday to get a boost up the bottom. As Baba has been so poorly I haven’t been working at all and I had lost my way with the business so I felt that I needed to get back into it. How right was I!

I went down, thinking what a nice day it was but not really thinking about the fact that I was going to talk about work! I was still on the zero work side of my head. Well after five hours of chatting to my up line and seeing a couple of other Avon ladies and men, my zero working head has disappeared and I am back on track.

Last night for the first time in a month I went in the office, and I sorted it. I have organised the office, I know don’t faint the people who know me. I have always worked around a load of mess and rubbish but I thought no, for this to work I need organisation. So I have filed all of the appropriate things for Avon. Everything now has a place in the office and is easy to find and it looks so nice! I have been on the computer and have been designing flyers and posters to give out to my customers and friends.

I have started organising stuff for my Avon party that I am holding tomorrow night, I already have six confirmed guests so am getting excited about that. I now know how to display everything, and have decided the format for the party with a couple of games and a few raffle prizes in, so hopefully it should flow nicely. Tonight I will be sorting out the products and finding a few surprises for the people that are coming!

I have lots of ideas in my head, I could sit here and tell them all to you, but I don’t want to bore you all. I have some in my 101 things to do and yesterday has really motivated me to get on and complete them. I have started very small by emailing the team and getting them refocused. If we can work together as a team then we will be laughing and I can’t wait to make us a team that communicates and bounces off one another!

I have a few things that I want to do tonight. Including an incentive for my customers. So I am going to be a busy girl over the weekend, but I am really enjoying it, I have missed doing Avon and feel like my brain is again being used. So watch out I am on a mission now, and I have broken it all down and know what I need to get there, and I will and you will all be the first to know!

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  1. Livi
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 19:39:07

    Hope your party goes well! Well done on getting it all set up, you’re very organised! 😀


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