How time flies

Yesterday Baba and I took the dog for a walk.

Nothing unusual there, I know we do that near enough every day. But the different thing was yesterday Baba WALKED!

He has been walking more and more, for months now. We have been letting him out of his pushchair more, and he has walked up to his nannies a couple of times, she only lives a couple of roads away. But I have been putting off the walking the dog, as I find it hard enough walking the dog on my own. Then I suddenly thought, what if it is easier to walk the dog with Baba walking!

My thinking behind this was the fact that the problem is the pushchair. The dog walks in front of it, he gets his lead caught in the wheels and it is generally just a nightmare, so I thought maybe it would be easier if I erased the pushchair and just had Baba to keep hold off.

So I braved it and I got the reins and the lead, put them on child and dog and opened the door. Preparing myself for the worse case scenario…

It was not that bad! Now I was surprised about this, but it was ok. All be it, slow and not very long, Baba got tired very quickly and we just walked around the estates so that we weren’t too far away when he did get tired. But we still did it.

Baba thought it was hilarious, he did not stop laughing. The fact that he was walking the dog, and he could touch him as they were the same level was all that he needed. The only real problem was that they both wanted to be in front! So I was constantly walking with my arms being pulled out of my sockets. Otherwise it was fine, and good fun. It brought back the enjoyment of walking the dog. I used to love it, even when I was pregnant, it was the added extra of the pushchair that made me hate walking him. So I am pleased that we could erase it, even if just for short walks. We can do a lot of short walks in a day that is not a problem. Whatever is easier that’s what I think.

It is just amazing that this time last year, Baba was just starting to move around, rolling from one side to another etc, and now we are walking the dog and he is in his reins. So much has happened in the last year and he is so different now. But you forget so easily and then he will do something or something will happen like the said walk, and you suddenly realise that actually last year he could not do what he has just done. Just for a few seconds you stop and remember him as a tiny baby needing you to do everything, but that moment only lasts a mini second as you are quickly brought back to reality by the little man in your life shouting “Mam” and again you are back to the here and now.

It is so hard to record all the precious moments that happen with him, but I do try to either write, film or photo them as I do think they are so precious, and we wont get this time again. So it is important to keep it alive for as many years as possible as I would hate to forget them forever, wouldn’t you?

Mr L summed up Baba the other day,

“He’s a proper little boy now isn’t he? Not a baby anymore!”

This statement is so true, and I was happy but maybe a little sad as well. He is not a baby anymore, he is a toddler now, and a little boy in the making a strong-willed one at that.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Moiderer
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 20:49:56

    Well done you! It is such a challenge taking the little ones for a walk let alone doing it with a dog too. I don’t remember the last time my little one went in a pram. She has always hated it but she is a nightmare to walk cos she doesn’t want to hold hands either! Reins are a must.


  2. TheMadHouse
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 08:28:27

    He is now a toddler, I love all the changes, they grow up so so fast


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