Yum yum Pizza!

People who know me, know that I am not a great food lover, I eat because I know that I have to, and only really like a few foods. Generally foods that are not good for me. Chocolate, biscuits, cakes and pizza to name a few.

When we lived in our first place Mr L and I were thrilled to discover that we could get Domino’s pizzas delivered to our front door. We come from a small town so delivery of food is a new thing for us. We would have a pizza near enough every other week and we tried them all.

Then Mr L had this mad idea to move back home, lovely in all aspects but no pizza delivery man! Not so good! So for the past three years we have lived with supermarket pizzas and haven’t really thought about the lovely Domino’s pizzas apart from seeing the advert on TV.

So how excited where we when we saw that you can order pizza online and then we can go and collect the order from our local store. But not only that you can now earn money from Domino’s Pizza via your blog or social networking site. You can download the Domino’s widget and get cash 0.5% every time someone places an order with Domino’s.


How cool is this. So easy and so simple. So what shall we order today?

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