Friends Again

I have had an unusual weekend! Unusual in the fact that I have seen my friends, and that Baba has been away!

I have to admit since having Baba 18 months ago I have been bad at meeting my friends, oh I see them with Baba but actually seeing them for a good girlie chat to moan about our other halves talk about how great they are, hasn’t really happened. I know you can do that to a degree with the children there, but they are all getting a bit older now, and they take stuff in so we try to be positive about their daddies now!

I had noticed that I was feeling more and more down because of the fact that I wasn’t seeing anyone, so Friday I called one of my life long friends who is also a mummy and we went to the pub! I know disgraceful! But so nice.

When we get together we are not wild, but we can have a good chinwag and it was nice without any children there, we could say we wanted, we could talk about any subject even sex! With no little ears listening in! There were no barriers to what was said…. and it was lovely. We put the world to rights well mainly Mr L and her man! But we had fun and I came home feeling lighter and happier and just a bit refreshed.

Last night Baba went to Nanny and Grandads, and we went to Donna’s house over at Millionaire Angel her and her other half were going to teach us poker. We had dinner, we had chocolate, yum yum and a great time.

Donna and I are very similar, we are both working mummies who work for ourselves, and we can bounce ideas off of one another with great ease. We usually get one another very excited thinking that we could do this and this and this. I love it, it keeps your brain alive and gets you to rethink about what you are aiming for in life, and what the best way forward is, and I always leave buzzing and full of enthusiasm for things that I have got a bit bored with before. Donna and I have always been like this, however Mr L has not had someone to do the same with before at Donna’s but yesterday he meet her other half for the first time and they were doing the same.

It was great to see the both off them bouncing ideas off one another, and thinking what they can do, they are both builders and both into mixed martial arts. Mr L came home all excited and was talking about things all the way home, which was lovely as I haven’t seen him like that for a long time. I hope Donna’s man was the same!

It has been lovely actually concentrating on my friends this weekend, and I have had a lovely weekend. Now I am all ready to go and pick up Baba and have a lovely week with him, we have a busy one planned can’t wait!

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