Sorting time!

We have had a really busy weekend, going out and visiting people, as well as sorting the garden and trying to start to sort out the house.

We have a lot of little things, that aren’t really of any use to anyone. Ornaments, Avon products, jewellery that is overflowing, and loads of clothes and old toys. I keep looking at all of the things around the house, thinking that our house would be a lot less cluttered if we didn’t have all of these things. I have to say that most of them are in our bedroom, as if they are any where else Baba gets to them! To be honest our bedroom is a cluttered mess, and it needs to be sorted.

Last night I was trying to think of things to do with all the stuff. I don’t want to chuck it all, as some of it is nice stuff, it just isn’t for us anymore! I could do a car boot, but I hate them with a passion. I don’t know why I just do and I would be doing it on my own as Mr L would have to look after Baba and to be honest we are not free now till June, so we really wouldn’t be getting rid of anything for ages yet!

So the other thing is eBay, now I have never done this before but I will give it a go. See if I can not sell a few things this way. I know lots of people who do it, and they all say it is very easy so hopefully I will be able to get rid of some of the toys and clothes as some haven’t even been worn! I know my bad there, Mr L wont be happy about that.

As for the jewellery I am going to try one of these Cash for gold sites. I always see them advertised, and a couple of friends have used them in the past and have said how easy they are. I have ordered my envelope to send the stuff back to them in, and received it. So tonight I will be sorting through the odd earings, and old pieces that I no longer want and sending it off via the post office tomorrow.

Again an easy process, unlike getting up at the crack of dawn to be selling stuff in the cold!

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  1. millionaireangel
    May 04, 2010 @ 10:26:14

    Good luck with all that.Getting clutter out of your house always makes ev erything clearer…including your


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