A General Mummy Day

Today I have been a mummy all day long!

Woke up to the sound of “MOM” coming from a little mans room, walk round the corner and he is standing at his gate on tiptoes. Laughing as I arrive!

Go downstairs, dog scratches, let him out. Stand out in the garden saying “no” repeatedly to get him off the new grass and directing him to the end of the garden where he should be going to do his business. He does nothing we come back in.

Baba wants his breakfast, today he decides to feed himself his Weetabix! A nice mess we both get into! He then jumps off the sofa, and begins to play with his toys.

The dog scratches again, outside for five more minutes nothing happens, back indoors.

I need to check my emails. Email the team members who’s orders are due, check our bank make sure Mr L has been paid. His pay is different call Mr L. We have a little tiff about the pay, it is right just didn’t realise.

Look up the results of the election, not good, not happy.

Text a friend, have had words in the last few days, need to get it sorted. Still don’t think it is sorted.

Baba comes into the kitchen with me, wants his milk. Find a cup, fill it up direct him back to the lounge.

The dog is at my side, I am trying to make breakfast, he thinks he should have his. Not until I have had mine! He sits by my side, with a paw on my knee the whole time that I eat. Not too off-putting at all, with drool down my dressing gown.

Go to check the diary, can’t remember the time of music and movement, didn’t go last week. 10.30am thats fine loads of time.

Dog scratches again, outside for another five minutes. Baba comes to the back door, starts shouting in baby language to either me or the dog. Finger is waving, one of us in trouble! Not sure which one! Dog does nothing, back indoors.

He follows me into the kitchen. Find his dog food, he runs to his bowl. Trying to dish the dog food out, he is doing circles chasing his tale! Finally get him to sit, then he wolves it down.

Baba screaming, he wants to be in the hallway, but T is eating, same scenario twice every day! I tell him that we are not allowed to be with the dog while he is eating, it’s not fair.

Find Baba’s clothes, change nappy, get him dressed.

Run upstairs to get dressed. Baba screaming, it is 10am running out of time!

Phone goes, mobile goes. Mr L on both “CALL ME” text message. Call Mr L, he just wants to talk I am running out of time.

Finally get Mr L of the phone, sort out Baba’s bag. Reminds me I really need to do “What’s in your bag” meme.

Can’t find Baba’s shoes, found one not the other, find it get them on his feet.

T wont go in his bed have to shout, then he moves.

Grab bag, keys, turn off lights, and TV. Pick up post, chuck to one side.

We are out the door!

It’s 10.30am, only ten minutes late for music and movement and Baba hated it today. Should have stayed at home!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheMadHOuse
    May 07, 2010 @ 21:57:00

    My day didnt start the best today either, hope yours got better!


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