In Hindsight!

As you all know we recently needed a new car, as my other car had completely and utterly died, and it is a vital part of my job to have my own transport. Mr L is always driving over the country so there is no possibility to car share with him, as we never know where he is going to be the next day.

We looked around for a new car and it was looking to be a bit of a huge impossibility. We could find the cars that we liked, but we just didn’t have the money. We life on such a tight budget that we just don’t have spare money hanging around at the moment, everything is accounted for.

We scrambled around trying to find a little extra cash, and the problem was that we had found the car that we wanted. We didn’t need a lot of extra money but we did need extra. But we couldn’t find it anywhere, as we just had no spare. In the end we resorted to asking my Dad for some money which is never an easy thing to do, but he did loan us the money, as long as we set up a repayment plan with him. The next day he went and paid for the car for us, so all was ok.

Since buying the car, we haven’t felt great about the fact that we borrowed the money of my Dad. It is always in the background, it isn’t mentioned but we just don’t feel great about it ourselves!

Mr L was talking about it to his friend the other day, and his friend asked us why we didn’t look at loans online when we needed a loan. He said that this was how he got his car loan, and that it was really easy to do. He just had to fill out a couple of forms, he had no set up charges, got a payment break at the beginning of the loan and he was able to choose which day he made the payment back on the loan.

We had never thought off this and in hindsight if we had only thought about looking on-line then we wouldn’t have had to ask my Dad. But hindsight is a wonderful thing, next time we will have to remember to check online first!

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  1. millionaireangel
    May 18, 2010 @ 11:28:13

    you could still get the some…pay your dad back and have peace of mind,and maybe a little extra for anything else that pops your nails done…you know all the important necessities??


  2. kirstie wells
    May 18, 2010 @ 12:21:02

    as long as you dont apply with ask loans! we made that fatal mistake and paid the £60 set up fees, never to hear about a loan again. they are massive con merchants and luckily with my persistant calls and letters i did get bak £55, this was minus the £5 they are allowed to keep by law!!
    multiply this mistake with say 3million other people who are desperate for a loan and they are making a pretty penny for nothing!!

    Im sure your dad would rather you owed him money than you spend paying back double to some money lenders who do it for the profit.
    Being a parent, we wouldnt think twice about loaning money to our young ones if they were in dire need.
    Obviously if we were not in the position to do it, we would give them as much as we could.
    Your very lucky your father is able to, dont see it as a negative, see it as a kind gesture and understanding what your needs were.
    And also probably not wanting to see you pay stupid interest rates……..
    I owe my parents £1000, and i pay them back £50 a month.


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