101 Things in 1001 Ten Things Done

Well haven’t I been busy and I didn’t even realise.

I have completed 10 yes that is right 10 of my 101 things to do in 1001 days, and I didn’t even realise. I am so happy. I am sitting here with a big grin on my face. How smug do I feel right now. Ha ha!!

So what have I done?

Firstly 3) Walk the dog daily we have finally got into a routine with the dog. I am so pleased about this. He has always been an absolute nightmare walking with the pushchair, which has meant that he was getting very quick walks throughout the day. To be honest it just was not working, he hated it and he thought that he was going out every time we opened the door. But most of all I hated it, hated isn’t the right word I loathed the whole concept of walking the dog. I would always try to think of every excuse in the book not to go. But now I don’t have too!

Mr L comes home between 5 and 6pm everyday now, so we have a nice routine. He has a shower, I dish up the tea. We eat, then we swap. He has Baba for 45mins to an hour while I take out T and I love it.

It is my little piece of tranquility, I can think and I can have a little break. Now I love Baba I love being at home, don’t think any different but it is so nice to not have to think about where he is, what he is doing and what to do next. Those 45mins have become a lifeline to me and I value them very highly. Today for instance, we had been to Mr L’s parents for tea, and didn’t get back till 8.30pm, by the time we sorted out Baba it was 9pm. But that didn’t stop me, I still took T out and walked him for 45mins, because do you know what I was thinking maybe I could leave him, but I felt guilty! I never thought that I would say that.

The other thing is that T has become better behaved while walking and in the house. He is a lot calmer, he knows he will get a walk everyday and he is happy if we go out without him. It makes the whole concept of leaving the house a lot easier. So less stress for me all round.

Walking is easy with him now, he isn’t pulling. He sits at every road and waits until he is told that he can move. All things that he has never grasped before. Maybe he was crying out for routine!

Secondly 20) Take Baba to the zoo. We did this over the bank holiday weekend and we had a great time, Baba loved it. Mr L and I loved it. It was a lovely day out and we went with all of Mr L’s family. We now have a child who can make a lot of animal noises, you can read more about our adventure here.

Thirdly 28) Take Baba to a toddlers group. I have done one better here than I stated, not one but two toddler groups a week! How good am I? We go to a little toddler group every Monday morning, which is actually the nursery that we think we will be sending Baba too, (there is number 19 nearly done.) It is a lovely little group, they have a sand pit, slide, painting and arts and crafts, and then a snack and singing at the end of the morning. Baba loves it, we also go with his cousin and they have a great time running around together. He has met a few new friends at this toddler group and I am really pleased that we started to go. The second group is a music and movement group on Friday mornings. This Baba really loves, you can read more about this here.

Fourthly 36) Organise the house. I know it is amazing, but I have actually sorted the house. Everything is now in the right place and I am finally happy with how it is looking. It is going to remain a work in progress for a while, but I have classed organising the house as all the rooms that are used are organised. This excludes the downstairs toilet as currently it is still a storing room due to a shower in it! But everywhere else is sorted. I am so pleased. Now I can get on with continuing to keep the house like this, always doing the cleaning and ironing etc. It has helped my mood as well, I am happier and feel like I can do more as it is so sorted! So a big pat on the back for me for that one!

Fifthly 57) Sort out wireless broadband. Such a simple thing, but such a long-winded task. Once we finally got connected after our  long wait. I was able to sort the wireless. I am so happy we have internet around the whole house, and there are no wires. Baba can play and we don’t have to be worried about him falling over wires!

Lastly and the one I was so excited about 67) Create a writing space in the house. I finally have a space to write. My little bureaux in the kitchen is clear and I can sit there and write and study and still see Baba. I love this little spot, I have all of Baba’s pictures above me and it is a gorgeous bit of space in my hub of the house.

I am going to give myself a big pat on the back as am feeling a bit smug!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheMadHouse
    May 20, 2010 @ 08:05:28

    Well dune, lots (well 10) reasons to be smug


  2. Livi
    May 20, 2010 @ 12:31:30

    Well done 🙂 Looks like you’re on a roll!


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