My Wonderful Veg!

This year we are renovating our garden, part of that renovation is having vegetables.

We firstly thought about having a vegetable patch, and this idea got squashed due to a dog that eats everything and our failed attempt at growing vegetables last year. Since then we have read about vegetables and have discovered that we do not have the right soil for them in our garden.

So we thought about having raised beds, as then we could actually put in brought compost, which would solve the soil issue however we realised that this would leave us with very little space for Baba to play in. So we decided to grow our vegetables in pots.

Now we read about what could go in pots, and were surprised by how much could be grown this way, so we went for it.

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

We decided to grow carrots, radishes, leeks, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions and red onions and they are all growing!

I am so impressed, every morning we water them, and put them out in the garden. During the nights they are all brought back in and put on our kitchen windowsill and watered again. I was so excited when they first started to grow and I am still excited about them.

So we have been to get some bigger pots and this weekend we are moving from the small pots to the large ones and then the vegetables can really begin to grow.

I have loved doing this and Baba thinks that is great fun, as he can hold the water spray and water them himself so he has got really involved. I can’t wait to try them and see how they taste!

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