Mummy, Nurse – Nurse, Mummy

Thursday I got a text from Mr L.

“Call me Now”

It was in the middle of the day, not at break time, not at lunch actually in the middle of the afternoon! As soon as I read the message, my heart skipped a beat and I thought ‘oh god.’

Mr L is a ground worker, he works on construction sites, he uses diggers, and other machines, lots of things can go wrong in his job. I know that!

I knew something had happened…

I sat on the phone nervously waiting for him to answer, “I think I have broken my finger, maybe hand. Meet me at A and E.” Was the response that I got.

I then had a mad dash around the house, trying to find Baba’s things. Calling my mum seeing if she could have Baba, calling my MIL to tell her what had happened. Sorting Baba out, all the while trying to not wake him as he was having a nap in his pushchair.

And I was worried.

Mr L never calls I knew that it had to be bad to firstly be going to A and E and secondly to call me like that. He was worried. That made me worried.

I finally got to A and E and he was still sitting waiting to be seen by the doctor. I got to see his hand and I knew that his finger was broke. He tried to say that it was just bruised I wont tell you all the gory details but it was not just bruised.

After many hours of waiting and having x-rays, we discovered that he had an open fracture. Where his bone is broken, he also has an open wound, which is under his nail bed. So he was sent home with antibiotics and told to go back to the doctors for a change of dressing within 24 hours, as at the time it was still bleeding.

This we did, Mr L had an awful first night. So we went off to the doctors the next day, they finally gave him some painkillers, and redressed his wound. He left the doctors in agony as they had cleaned the wound, with appointments for the rest of this week. We have to get the dressing changed every other day, he needs another x-ray and tests done to make sure that his tendons aren’t damaged. So all in all he has done a great job of the break.

He is currently off work for the week, so I now have two people to look after in the house.

So if I am not mummy I am nurse at the moment. Mr L can’t really do anything and I don’t want him to try to do too much. He is in agony you can see that in his face, so I don’t want him trying to do things when he obviously can’t. He can’t pick up Baba very well, that is the hardest thing. Baba only needs to struggle and Mr L is out of action, so I have really taken on all of Baba’s care at the moment.

I am able to get a break first thing in the morning and just before bed, as long as he is changed and ready, to walk the dog for an hour. That time is lovely!

I love Mr L, but he hates being off work and he gets miserable and it is hard work to keep everyone happy.

I am constantly running around at the moment. Changing Baba, dressing him and doing the usually Baba things, doing the garden, walking the dog. Then to add to that, making Mr L’s food, helping him to put jumpers on and off, cutting food, driving to this appointment and that. Redoing his dressing, reminding him to take his tablets and making sure that Baba doesn’t hit his finger. So I am not too busy.

I am tired!

I am also very aware that Mr L is tired, he is in pain and I feel for him.

But I would just like a little break! Hopefully Friday will bring good news!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheMadHouse
    May 26, 2010 @ 00:17:40

    Oh no, I hope things imporove soon. Be well


  2. Livi
    May 26, 2010 @ 00:27:37

    Eek, that sounds very very painful. Hope it heals soon, must be awful for him not being able to do anything.


  3. Jan
    May 30, 2010 @ 19:09:36

    I can guess how you felt as you waited for Mr L to answer your call ,oh my gosh ,we borrow all sorts of trouble dont we ? and even then it was bad enough ,He must have been in agony ,keep up the TLC good girl you can do it ….love Jan xx


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