Break out the Fizz: Tesco Bank Announces One Millionth Pet Insurance Policy


(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

And she’s not the only one as Brits name pets after their favourite tipple!

Tesco Bank, the UK’s most successful supermarket bank, has announced it has sold its one millionth pet insurance policy in the UK.

The millionth pet to have been insured by Tesco Pet Insurance is a two year old Labrador called Fizz owned by Philip Shepherd from Doncaster.

On hearing the landmark news, Mr Shepherd said: “Fizz really is one in a million!  She’s as much a part of this family as any of us.  We’d be beside ourselves if anything ever happened to her and should she fall ill or have an accident, we want to be able to give her the best possible care.  I consider my Tesco Pet insurance policy to be an affordable way to make sure Fizz is well looked after and gives me peace of mind.”

As well as being the name of Tesco Pet Insurance’s one millionth pet policy holder, Fizz is also our fourth most popular drinks inspired pet name; and knocks other fizzy drink-named pets Cristal and Champagne off our top ten.

2010 most popular drinks inspired pet names:

Rank Name

Pepsi is the only non alcoholic drink to make the top ten, while, for those that fancy something a little stronger, whiskey is also a popular choice.

Stuart Austerberry, Pet Insurance Product Manager, Tesco Bank: “It’s fascinating to see we are now opening our fridges and peering into our drinks cabinets and for inspiration when it comes to our pet’s names!

“Regardless of where the names come from, we never underestimate just how much UK families value their four legged friends.  As a result, Tesco pet insurance aims to be a convenient and great value way of caring for our animals.  It’s designed to be easy to understand, hassle free to purchase and provide comprehensive cover for our customers.”

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  1. jade
    Jun 05, 2010 @ 19:41:12

    thats the best photo of cjay


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