Doggy Misbehaving!

Our dog has recently been a really good dog!

We have got into a routine with walking and he no longer is pulling on the lead, well not as much as he used too! He sits and waits at the road, and doesn’t move until he is told to, so at last he is like a normal dog. A dog that behaves, and he is a clever dog, it only took him a week to get trained to only go to the toilet down one end of the garden. We were all so impressed with him, as we have had issues with T to say the least, he has always had a devil streak in him, just for naughtiness. He would be the cheeky chap at the front of the class that is for sure. But we really felt that we were getting somewhere with him.

Until yesterday, now I know that every being on this planet has blips in their lives but T decided to have a day of blips.

We had friends round who also have a beagle, T half-sister in fact, there I was telling her how good he was and that he only went to the toilet down one end of the garden when he promptly walked onto the new grass and peed. Lovely – blip number one!

Later on in the evening it was raining and it was raining hard, so T didn’t go out all evening. When it got to bedtime I opened the back door for him and told him to go out. He walked onto the decking and looked at me. T does not like the rain, he turned around and walked back indoors. Fine so I shut the door, and went upstairs to bed. I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed. Came out to T peeing on his bedding and running down the stairs peeing all the way. I went mad. I was so angry with him. I had just let him outside and all because of the rain he wasn’t going to go to the toilet! Blip number two.

I made him go outside, yes in the rain, while I cleaned up the mess. By this point I was seething. I finally got it sorted, and let him back in. I refused to speak to him, and walked up the stairs. Second attempt to get to bed. I made it and refused to acknowledge our misbehaving dog.

Well all I could hear as I lay in bed, was him huffing and puffing, and moving and scratching and moving. He would not settle. T sleeps at the top of the stairs, if you were wondering how I could hear so much! I got out of bed after about ten minutes and looked at him. He had his head tilted to one side with huge puppy eyes. So I looked at him, I was still mad but I wanted him to go to sleep. So I told him it was alright bud and to go to sleep. Well he quickly laid down and went to sleep.

Who says that dogs are just animals! More like your second child.

Today he has been perfect not a problem all day! He is currently sleeping on the sofa with Mr L.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nic's Notebook
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 09:05:44

    OMG I feel your pain!! I remember commenting a while ago on your post about T, saying how we were thinking of getting a beagle etc… We ended up getting a Springer Spaniel! He is now 13 weeks old and he is crazy. I do get so frustrated with him at times, but I know he is just a puppy! It is very hard work!!! Glad you are getting on a lot better with T, I guess all pups have days where they just rebel! We are starting to try the whole walking nicely on a lead thing now Chester has had all his jabs – phew, at the minute he takes us for a walk!


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