Proud Writing

The other day I wrote a post about my Gran’s passing and I was overwhelmed with the response that I got. So I just wanted to say a big massive thanks to everyone that commented on this post before I go any further.

It was so nice of everyone to say their condolences and it meant a lot to all of my family. I knew that all of my readers would be lovely about what happened and I do really appreciate that.

But more than anything I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on the writing of the post. It was a different kind of writing for me. I have always had a need to write. When things go wrong, good, or just because of nothing I have always wanted to write. If I am not writing on here I have many notebooks in my house with my thoughts and ideas in them and I never stop writing, it drives Mr L mad, but he does not get away from it. I write him letters when I am trying to tell him something important and can’t get the point across. I do it to all members of my family. However this piece was different.

I didn’t just need to write I had to write, and I knew that if I did not get it out on paper that I would go silently crazy inside. I could not do anything until I had written the piece and it just kept coming, I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t trying to make things sound better, I was almost obsessed and the words were just coming out. It didn’t take long to write but it was an intense piece of writing, and I have to say one that I am very proud of. I love how it sounds, and am so pleased that I got everything that I wanted to in it.

Maybe the way I write is changing, or maybe it was a grief thing, I do not know. I only hope that it happens again soon. Do you have one piece of writing that stands out to you for a particular reason?

Just to let all of you lovely people know, we are doing ok. Dad is getting there, and we are now just waiting for the funeral. Once again thank you for all your kind words.

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