Baba is a little obsessed with tractors to say the least. Everything is a tractor in his eyes, whether it be a car, bus or lorry it is a tractor. He is getting better and we can now say bus as well as broom broom for a car. But generally it’s a tractor.

He just loves them I don’t know why but he does, everything about them seem to make him smile.

Today when I picked him up from Nannies he was on the floor, with a selection of puzzles out and shouting at me that there was a tractor. Very excited boy, I can tell you. We spent about ten minutes talking about this tractor.

By talking I mean;

Baba: “Tracor” (as he says)

Me: “A tractor wow.”

Baba: “Tracor”

Me: “Really, it’s a green tractor isn’t it”

Baba: “Tracor”

Me: “Is it a tractor, what a big tractor”

Baba: “Tracor”

You can see the pattern here can’t you, my boy likes to talk about things he likes!

He carried on telling me about the tractor while I was having a drink and mum was telling me what he had done all day. I finally managed to get him away and we were on our way home in the car when we were suddenly behind a tractor!

Well you can imagine the excitement, Baba again went into the “tracor” conversation and we talked about this all the way home as we followed the tractor, until our turning.

So I thought that this was the end. We got out of the car and Baba was still saying tractor, and I was telling him that the tractor had gone, when he started to walk off in the wrong direction.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

His little arm was pointing in the wrong direction, “Tracor.”

His face was looking at me longingly I tell him that the tractor has gone, oh dear the bottom lip was going and it was trembling, the only response I got was.

“Tracor” it was all but a whisper.

“No darling the tractor has gone,” tears are welling up in his eyes he was pointing and standing looking at me. This could be disaster in the making. What to do?

“We have your tractors inside, shall we find them?”

Head up, shakes a yes and trots indoors, disaster stopped its all ok. We have tractors inside.

We got inside and he wanted to watch Cars the movie!!!!!


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  1. Jan
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 23:30:26

    What a lovely story ,reminds me of one of my son’s but with him it was lorry’s he ended up driving them …then owning some …love Jan xx


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