Days Like These

Today Baba and I have had a great day, enjoying the basic things off life.

We walked and we played all day long. Now I know that most of you will say that is nothing unusual, but for us it is a little strange. Usually we are so busy either doing things or having things to do at home. But today I noticed a change.

Baba is getting better at amusing himself, and I love it. Not that I want him doing things on his own all the time! But in the past, I have had to use things, such as music or the tv to keep him amused just for the fifteen minutes that I need to get out and do the washing. But this is no longer needed.

Maybe it isn’t that he can amuse himself but the fact that the house is sorted so he can move happily about, and the garden is done so it is not a problem if he goes out in it anymore. I am not sure. But whatever the reason it is easier and enjoyable.

Today with the help of my dad, I moved around the lounge, and finally got a bit of storage sorted. I was on twitter earlier saying that I needed storage and had a brain wave. Two hours later, having called my dad and his tools, the shelf unit from the shoe cupboard was fixed to the wall in the lounge and the toys that were all over the lounge and hallway where all neatly on the shelf in their boxes. It was like Baba got all of these toys again, he was exploring and playing with them all, and loved it. It was so nice to see.

We have had out the mega blocks, trains, skittles, dinosaur that he was so excited about. Everyone has seen the dinosaur. The shape sorters and his music toys out today. More than he has played with in a long time. He has played with his water table, on the trampoline and his bike, and has generally had a lot of fun.

Yes the TV has been on all day, but he hasn’t watched it. He has got very excited about tennis but that is all. Do you know what I think that is fine, he watches football all day with daddy, so why shouldn’t he watch tennis with mummy.

Tomorrow will be a different day, it is my Gran’s funeral but I think we will be starting with a walk again. It seems to be something that both Baba and T love to do first thing. Then it is out of the way, I can then start to think of the day ahead. But after tomorrow I hope that we will be having more days like these!

Days where I can just enjoy my little boy, exploring and having fun!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 23:50:09

    Which proves once we are organised ,we can enjoy life so much more ,Oh how I wish I was organised ,but I still enjoy life its just sometimes I get a conscience about being so disorganised …am I making sense ,…perhaps you better not answer that hee hee …love Jan xx


  2. kirstie wells
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 08:17:31

    Glad he enjoyed the bag full of toys i dropped round xx
    If i find anything else on my “ive had enough of clutter” days, i will drop them off xx


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