Friday Fun Times

Today Baba and I went to see some friends who we haven’t seen for a while and we took the little men off to a toddler gym for the morning.

This was the first time that Baba had been to one of these and he loved it, he had a go on everything. Although it took him a long time to go on the bouncy castle, he kept shaking his head saying no to me every time that I asked. In the end I took no notice of him, and carried him onto the castle, and we just bounced. Once we had done that he loved the whole concept of the castle and then didn’t want to get off, always the way!

I was so proud of him though, as his little face lite up once we arrived, and as soon as I opened up his pushchair he was off. Not one single ounce of nervousness. He is not at all like his mother!

I hate going to things if I don’t know people. I have got better as I know that it is a necessity in some cases, but not Baba he doesn’t care. He climbed into the ball pit, and his friend was off in the toy cars, so he was all on his own. There were two other boys in the ball pit, both where a little older and he had never seen them before and he just started chatting to them, about anything. He didn’t care, and he was copying everything that they were doing, throwing themselves into all the balls and was laughing with them.

I sat leaning on the edge of the ball pit, and thought how lucky I was that he was so comfortable in himself to do this. I was incredibly shy when I was a child and would not speak to anyone that I didn’t know. I did not like to make new friends and only stuck with the ones that I knew. It was one of my biggest fears that Baba would be like this, but thankfully he isn’t and he made his mummy very proud today, and full of confidence that when he starts playschool in october he will be fine!

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  1. Jan
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 16:44:35

    What a lovely day you both had ,I enjoyed reading about it Jan xx


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