What A Boy!

Baba has never ceased in amazing me, and the past week has been no different!

He is twenty-one months old now, and is a proper boy! He loves all things vehicle related, he is obsessed with trains, planes, tractors, cars, vans, trucks, boats, buses and bikes. Going out is an adventure I can tell you, we are told every time he sees one of these on our journey. It can take a while. He waves to every bus that passes and practically shouts when he sees any of the above!

He loves animals, and gets so excited about Tito, JoJo and Stewie it is usually what gets him to come home when we are out. He helps us feed Tito daily, he helps us feed the rabbits, he sits completely still with a towel over his lap so that he can hold the rabbits. Although he does scream a lot, but he is trying to be quiet bless him.

Everything he sees he seems to be either doing or trying very hard to do within a couple of days now. It is lovely to watch, although we have to be very careful with what we say around him now!

He has a little selection of friends and watching them together is so lovely all of their personalities our now coming out. We went round a friends today. As we pulled up to park he threw his dummy across the car and started bouncing in his car seat as he was so excited to see her.

He has his moments when he is a little terror, but generally he plays nicely with his little friends. They scream at each other, laugh at each other, and get in fights with each other, but they get on and it is so nice to watch.

He is a little dancer and has some fantastic moves up his sleeve, that I do put down to his daddy teaching him. You put a bit of music on and he becomes a disco diva! He can wiggle his bottom to an amazing rhythm! Bless him it is the cutest thing in the world although I am bias.

He now says yes and no – hurrah! The world is so much easier, when you can ask him something and he can answer. He can tell you what he wants to eat generally. He can walk up the stairs holding onto the stair rails, so much easier and you can leave him to play independently – not for long but a while.

He loves art, and will spend hours with crayons just colouring away, as long as he has got an empty sketch book he is happy. This he will spend ages doing and will be happy for a long time. The concentration he shows on his little face is amazing. This week he amazed his dad and me by suddenly drawing circles!

He loves his books, we have a story every night. But many a time in the day, he goes very quite and you catch him the corner of the lounge sitting on the floor and reading his books! Generally to the dog!

He isn’t a baby anymore, he is a toddler a proper toddler. And do you know what this phase is hard, he does have a raging temper, and when he strops he strops and he is hard work. But for the most of the time he is fun, and everything is exciting.

And I am loving this phase, I love the fact that his imagination is coming through, and that a remote control is now a plane! I love the fact that he can talk to you all day, and you may only understand two words. But he answers you still the same. I love him running in from the garden shouting plane, as there is one in the sky and he wants you to go out and see the plane with him, that is the highlight of the day. I love him showing me all the new things that he can do everyday and he loves showing them off, he is so proud of himself. Everyday I look at him and think wow look what we did! He is so amazing and I am a gushing proud mummy! And so is his daddy!

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  1. The Moiderer
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 22:45:38

    I love it when they stop being a baby and become proper little people. I love the conversations and t way they can express themselves. Of course it also brings with it the tantrums but hey! that’s life.


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