More hours!

We are very busy at the moment, running from here to there and everywhere. Baba has a lot of friends that are at school, so even though he is not at school age, the summer holidays are manic for us!  He has so many play dates over the next few weeks that our diary is packed.

If that is not enough Avon is preparing for Christmas and I am manic with that, booking parties, and signing people up. I am also constantly trying to make things for the website, and then just a little studying in between! So not too much happening in our lives.

We currently need another twenty odd hours in a week to fit everything in.

It is great none of us our ever bored, that is for sure. But busy is an understatement. I complain about it, but I do love it. It is just every so often I think oh I could just sleep!

Last night I had a pile of stuff to do, my list was exceptionally long, I had to sort the receipts for our accountant, do a bit of studying and some scrapbooking. Nothing happened! My niece is staying with my mum, she wanted to do a cross stitch of a dog but couldn’t do it, so I said I would take it home for her, now I have never cross stitched before, but I thought it would be ok. After a couple of mistakes I got to grips with it, and I have completed the dog’s head. Now I don’t think it is too bad, but I shall post a picture when it is completed. It was nice though just to forget about everything and to be so engrossed that I ignored all the other stuff!

Nice for a few hours, now today I am taking Baba and said niece out for the day. We have a play date tomorrow, so tidying house tonight, need to get the website up and running, so need to make some items for that, and I really need to study.

So you know what I think I am going to do a timetable and try to get myself sorted.

Do you have some great organisational tips?

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