Drawing, Puzzles, and Words

For all those people who don’t want to read a totally biased post about how wonderful my son is, turn away now!

The last couple of days I have been so proud of Baba.

He has been into his art for a long time, and loves to colour. He will sit for hours with his crayons, and his little frown on his forehead just concentrating and concentrating until his masterpiece is complete. He doesn’t stop until he is finished either, I love watching him creating these pieces. Once he has finished, he shouts ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ and we all have to look at the pieces that he made. They are always fabulous, and are always full of his usual scribbles and selection of colours.

In the last week he has started to draw circles, which both Mr L and I were really impressed with. Today we were drawing and I was really impressed when he was drawing circles, and saying ‘circle’ at the same time. He then went onto do his scribbles and was sitting saying ‘up, down, up, down’ as he was going up and down with his crayons. Both Mr L and I were amazed.

Every time he picked up a colour I was telling him the colour and within seconds, he was repeating me, saying ‘red, green and blue’ he was trying very hard to say other colours as well. He is so quick learning new things.

His speech is amazing at the moment, everything you say to him he picks up. Which in a family of four builders the men have to curb what they say. As Mr L, my dad, father in law and brother-in-law all swear lots, and we have to make sure that it is not around Baba as he would be picking it up otherwise! You literally only have to say something once and he is trying to repeat it. He now says ‘bye bye’ and today we were doing shapes, he was then telling Mr L ‘square, triangle, and circle’. He is also trying to put words together, we are getting a few two and a couple of three words strung together within his general babble when he is telling us his important conversations.

If that is not enough, he has suddenly worked out how to do puzzles. He has always loved them, but has struggled with them, and has always needed lots of help with them. But now it is almost like it has clicked, and he is speedy with them and very excited when he has finished them.

I just love this, everyday he is doing something new, and we are so proud of him. He surprises us daily now with new things that he can do, and we are generally surprised each time he does something for the first time.

So be prepared there may be a few more totally biased proud mummy posts coming in the future!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Moiderer
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 22:20:23

    You are quite right to be proud and don’t apologise for writing a blog post about it!


  2. Mummymatters
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 19:13:10

    You go ahead and brag about Baba it’s every Mummy’s (and Daddy’s) right! It’s so amazing watching your children master something new he sounds like he is coming on in leaps and bounds!


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