Don’t Leave Mummy…

Today was Tuesday the first of the two days that I work in a week. So I got myself ready, got Baba ready got my work stuff ready and told Baba that we were going to Nannies, so Mummy could go to work. Like we do every Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing different.

Except today Baba cried, he became hysterical, shouting;

“No, Mummy, no no no.”

It was heartbreaking, and I hated every single heart wrenching moment. In the space of fifteen minutes I felt guilty, awful, and like the worst mother in the world. I felt that I was making him do something that he absolutely hated even though I knew that I wasn’t. I also knew that I wasn’t the worst mother in the world, and that it wasn’t awful that I was leaving him, I was leaving him with his Nanny who he loves and adores but still he managed to pull the strings today.

I knew that one day he would do this, he has always been so good at being left and my mum kept warning me that one day he would kick up. But nothing can prepare you for that, nothing can prepare you for the instant feeling of heartbreak that it makes you feel, and its horrible. I can only hope that tomorrow he goes to Nannies and is happy, and that we have no crying like we had today!

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  1. bubbleboo
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 16:34:44

    Oh, poor Baba – and poor you! It is a horrible feeling when that happens. But you’re right, you aren’t doing anything dreadful, and he will be fine! ((hugs))

    I have a little something for you at my place when you get a minute


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