Ready For Change, Getting Ready For Change!

Saturday I went off to a meeting that was being held by my upline for Avon and it was an inspiring meeting!

I decided to take Mr L along as he has been a little negative about Avon recently, nothing that wasn’t really deserved, because I haven’t been doing as much work as I could so I haven’t been earning as much as I could hence him believing that Avon could never work and that we weren’t making any money out of it. I wanted to show him that it could be done, and that he just needed to give me the support I needed and get as much enthusiasm about it as myself. And it really worked. Actually it worked better than I thought!

Not only did he see that Avon really can work as a business, but he also said that he would like to join in the next year! Success!

Avon has got some great things happening in the next year, and I think some of these events really changed Mr L’s view on Avon. But he also got to hear and see the figures. This was an added bonus, he is a man who needs to see figures to understand how something is working! So thankfully he now does!

We wrote out a five-year plan! I know five years! And now have a target to aim to. Starting from what I need to do today, this week, the next campaign, in six months, a year, two years and five years. Not only have we worked out where we want to be we have also worked out how to achieve it and how to action it! And we are raring to go!

I came out of the meeting inspired, I no longer want to play the ‘blame game’ but want to be part of the ‘gain game.’ It is easy to slip into the blame game, but you have to action it with the gain game and that is what I intend to do from now on! No messing around!

I am not prepared to be the Avon lady that is constantly ‘getting ready for change’, I want to be the lady that is ‘ready for change.’ Starting now!

I came home from the meeting, I spoke to some people about parties and need to speak to them again tomorrow about booking some dates. I have changed the childcare for Baba, his Nannies are now going to have him nine to five two days a week so I have two days to concentrate on Avon, and to only concentrate on Avon. No cleaning, or sitting on twitter that has been something that I have fallen into over the last few weeks, but no more.

I have people to sign up on Wednesday, and I have roads to go prospecting to find new representatives tomorrow. I have found a notebook that is my TO DO book and written out my list for tomorrow.

I am ready for the change and nothing is going to stop me. Saturday was the beginning of a new era for my Avon business, it was a new start, and I can not wait!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheMadHouse
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:47:51

    Good luck, I need some of that inspiration, but not Avon!


  2. Ginny
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 07:59:09

    Thats brilliant. Avon has the potential to be great for anyone. You just need to believe you can do it and you will suceed. Good luck (as you can see I can’t spell either)


  3. Nic's Notebook
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 13:26:29

    Yay good for you! I have noticed there have been a few new people round my area doing Avon. It does seem to be a good idea if you put the effort in!


  4. Emma
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 21:47:14

    How very exciting! You go girl xx


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