Grandparents, Cousins, and Cakes

Today Baba and I spent the afternoon with my mum and my sister’s little boy and my dad. But he was in and out!

My nephew loves to make cakes, it is one of his favourite past times and something that he remembers he does with Nanny every time he comes to stay. Although today it was done with a difference.

Today it included Baba.

Now Baba has watched me make cakes, but he has never really got involved with the cake making that much himself. Today was different.

He put on my nieces apron, which was bright pink, stood on his stool (which was changed to a chair as he was still to small) got a spoon and stirred, and stirred and stirred all the time. While my mum put everything into the bowl. He really just dabbed the mixture a bit. But he had a great time.

He then got some yellow cake cases, while my nephew had pink and put them all into a try, so they had ten cakes each. They then watched my mum put the mixture into the cases and watched it go into the oven. Baba thought the whole process was great, and when the cakes were finished they were met with a “wow”

They were eaten at dinner time, and then my mum secretly iced them, they are sitting at my mum’s in a box waiting to be brought home tomorrow.

I think that it was a successful cake making experience and one that we will no doubt be doing again. So any good cake recipes will be gratefully received? Actually any good cooking with children ideas?

What is your favourite thing to do?

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  1. Katie
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 07:38:29

    Great post Kerry – cooking with kids is a right giggle and it’s lovely to see the pride they feel with what they’ve made. I’ve been cooking with my 4yo as much as I can and it’s paid off coz he’s really confident in the kitchen now. 
    The best things we make are:
    cakes – mixing and decorating being the highlight. 
     pizzas using muffins as a base, spreading the tomato paste on and choosing their own toppings
    flapjacks are fab too – very simple – recipe on my blog if you need it
    and flap jacks

    Also there’s a lot to be said for just giving them a big bowl and lots of little pots of random ingredients from your store cupboard – like flour, pasta, rice, food colouring, stale cereal – anything cheap or out of date. And just let them mix it all up. My 4yo LOVES doing this and he feels like he’s inventing his own recipes!

    My other tip is to do all the prep in advance so your little one doesn’t get bored. It minimises stress if everything is ready to go and you can just have fun. 



  2. Emma
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 00:11:38

    You know that I’m the worst cook in the world right?!? At CyberMummy I got chatting to Annabel Karmel (as you do ;-)) and she sent me her newest cook book called something really inventive like Mummy & Me but that has loads of really simple recipes in and even me and Chick have managed to make some pretty decent things!!! Happy Cooking xx


  3. Jan
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 10:48:22

    How about rice crispies held together with melted chocolate …love Jan xx


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