Fleas, Baths and Huffs!

The dog got fleas, even though we had a flea collar on him and he had his flea stuff on he still got fleas.

Getting fleas is a nightmare in our house as the dog does not like to be bathed. So today he was restricted to the hallway only and outside, until Mr L came home, as I am not strong enough to give him a bath.

I went off to the shops, brought a new flea collar, some flea shampoo, and some flea shake and vac and we waited for Mr L. Once he got in the bath started. I could hear the dog trying to get out and Mr L repeatedly telling him to sit down and not to move. He brushed him in the bath and then he got the flea comb, which is very similar to a nit comb and put that through all of his fur, pulling out all the stray bits on the side. He shouted when they were finished.

This is where the fun starts, as Tito frantically tries to get out, so that he can roll around the garden and get into a filthy mess again. So I have to shut all the doors and make sure that he can’t get to any furniture otherwise he just rubs himself all over the furniture getting it wet in the process. So once again the poor dog was left in the hallway for a while.

However he had other ideas, stupidly Mr L went and had a shower after cleaning the bathroom, and he didn’t shut the gate at the top of the stairs properly. I was sat downstairs with Baba and could hear this thumping upstairs, almost like a bit of naughtiness was going on in my bedroom, I ran up the stairs and there was naughtiness. Not that naughtiness.

But Tito rolling around on MY bed drying himself! I was not happy Tito was delirious! Great.

He was quickly banished back to the hall, we then went out and left him too it.

I now have a lovely de flea clean dog, a very sweet-smelling carpet after the shake and vac, and very clean bedding as I have had to wash it all. So does Tito, he will not be happy with that.

He is still grumpy and not happy and huffing about, mainly because he doesn’t have his blanket to sleep on and when he gets it will smell clean so all night he will be huffing and puffing. God he is worse than a man!

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

This is Tito after his first bath ever, this is the look we have been getting all evening. It has never changed still the same grumpy face after a bath!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 21:51:57

    Oh what a lovely /crazy story ,poor Tito fleas yuk ! now kizzie loves her bath and sulks if one of us take a shower or a bath ,she thinks she should join us ,and I draw the line at bathing with a dog hee hee …love Jan xx…


  2. Nic's Notebook
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 18:31:43

    Awww look he is sooo cute! Our springer pup likes the bath too – we make sure to bring plenty of treats in to keep him occupied tho! Our cats got fleas last summer – it was horrible, I hated it and think I fumigated the whole house! No outbreaks this year touch wood!


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