All Day Long!

Well I am away at the moment, but don’t fear! I have got some lovely Mummy Bloggers to do some guest posting here while I am relaxing with a good book!

So for my first guest poster I would like to introduce you to Bubbleboo I hope you enjoy her post. Take it away Bubbleboo…

Firstly, I need to thank the lovely Kerry for having me. It’s my second guest post in as many weeks, so either I’m doing something right, or my blogging friends feel sorry for me…or they’ve gone completely mad! Anyway, I’m here now – which is an achievement this week, I can tell you!

You know how adorable kids can be? How sweet, and funny and kind…and how utterly and completely irritating?! Do they do it on purpose? Do they sense when you’re in a fraught mood and conspire to make it worse?

It’s even worse when they’re ill. You can’t send them out to the garden, or take them shopping, or to the park to let off some steam. They’re just cooped up in the house with you.

All. Day. Long.

This week, Chipmunk (my 7yo) is driving me absolutely around the bend – and back again. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@bubbleboo 😀 ) will be aware that he’s been sick for over a week. Late on Sunday night, we had a bit of a scare with his breathing (he’s asthmatic) and had to take him over to the hospital. Everything’s fine, and he’s now on antibiotics for a chest infection – so can’t go back to school until it settles down, as if he does he’s bound to pick up something else!

So anyway, given all that, please don’t think I’m being flippant, or dismissive of his illness. I know he’s not well, I know it’s genuine and I know that it can be reflected in his behaviour. But, I don’t have to like it.

You see, in himself he’s ok. He’s got a nasty cough, struggles to catch his breath sometimes, and gets tired…but he’s not getting any exercise at all. He does his funny little leaps around the room (he’s autistic, it’s called stimming – there’s a good (short!) article here if you are interested at all) and then he collapses in a heap because he’s exerted himself.

Then he gets frustrated.

Then I tell him not to leap around the room because it makes him cough.

Then he says he can’t help it.

Then I tell him he’ll have to try to help it, so he can get better.

Then he gets cross.

And so it goes on…

I know I’m lucky. Chipmunk is the sort of child who is more than happy to sit with a book, because his arms and legs don’t work properly – and he just loves to read. He loves to do homework – but his school won’t send any for him to do because he’s off sick…go figure! He loves to spend time on the computer – and not just playing games. He is a pretty good kid, for pretty much most of the time. So, I know the situation could be worse. I know I could have a completely hyperactive kid racing around all over the place, going out of his mind with boredom. I know I’m probably getting off lightly compared to some parents.

But it’s still hard.

I may have inadvertently mentioned something recently about preferring the school holidays, on account of the fact that I am not a morning person. I take it back. I want him to get better and go back to school, pronto – for his own sake, obviously! I want him to be healthy and all!

And as far as I’m concerned…well, I can always nap when I get home!

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime on how to occupy a poorly 7yo, with a reading age of 14, delayed motor skills and a propensity towards easy frustration, please do let me know in the comments. I need all the help I can get!

A little about bubbleboo:

bubbleboo blogs at The Thought Bubble. She also has a writing blog (The Writer’s Bubble) and is working on her photography portfolio. In the meantime, you can find her pictures on Flickr.

bubbleboo is a Shutterbug. She can usually be found with her camera glued to her left eye.

She is a Writer. Always working to better her writing and be published one day!

She is a Mum. And what could be more important than that?

bubbleboo is a SAHM and carer to one amazing little boy who is dealing with Asperger’s and various physical limitations.

Other than writing and photography she enjoys music, playing acoustic guitar, reading {voraciously!}, walking and going to the gym {when she has the energy!}

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Daisy
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 17:22:56

    A sick Chipmunk is hard on you and on Chipmunk! My no-longer-little one has his own stims, too, and also has tics. I distinguish between the two; his tics are out of his control, but his stims can be controlled. It’s not easy, but it can be done.
    Good luck!


  2. Beckicklesie
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 15:34:54

    Oh chuck. I won’t offer advice because I just simply don’t know. I have no experience with these kind of things at all and I think to try and advise would be slightly patronising for you.

    But what I can offer you are huge massive cyber hugs. I hope things get easier. Get well soon, little lad! 😦

    Becca x


  3. Claire Hayes
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 10:36:26

    Ha! the “I-wish-it-was-holidays/wish-it-was-school” dilemna…know that one.
    re Chipmunk- are there programmes on the computer he could do as if it was homework? We used to do spelling games etc.
    and re stimming …Can he find an alternative but just as satisfying stim that doesn’t involve exhausting himself? dancing on the spot? turning his head to and fro? leaping with his legs in sitting position?
    well, I don’t know Chipmunk, but that’s my 2 pennyworth!


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