Seven, What An Age!

So today it is Emma’s turn, she has done her introduction herself so I will pass you straight over! Take it away Emma:

Hi I’m Emma and blog over at Adventures of an English Mum.  I have one daughter, Chick, who is 7 going on 17! Thanks to Kerry for letting me post….hope she’s having a great time!

Seven is a funny age.  Not hard work necessarily but funny because I guess it’s a kind of in between age.  One minute Chick is wanting to play with her Baby Annabel’s and we have the cot, dolls and clothes all over the floor.  The next minute she is stomping up the stairs because I’ve told her that Justin Beiber is too loud and I’m left in the lounge wondering when she’ll resort to door slamming!!!

Nothing is made for their age either.  The clothes that you can buy are generally too grown up especially when you are from a super tall family and want to be sixteen. We have to shop at Boden and John Lewis to get the dresses that Chick likes and that I approve of.  Not that there is anything wrong with this although my Bank Manager may disagree.

It’s also a funny age emotionally. Some days are hugging and kissing days and I cling onto them knowing that they will possibly stop for a few teenage years before she gets over the embarrassment of actually liking me!! Other days I’m ordered to depart from the school gates so she can hang out with friends before school without me trailing around!! The best days though are when she forgets that it isn’t cool to hold my hand and skips along merrily beside me.

One thing that she hasn’t yet discovered the knack of is doing stuff without asking. And for this I’m truly grateful!!! For instance she will ask if she can have a second ice cream knowing fine well I’ll say no.  At some point (in the not too distant future I imagine) she will discover that she can take it without me seeing and then take the rap afterwards.  Once that happens I’m completely screwed!!!

I don’t have a clue where it came from but there is a saying that goes something like ‘show me the boy at 7 and I’ll show you the man’.  If that’s true I think I’m going to be a very proud Mummy because (Justin Beiber obsession aside) Chick seems to be heading in the right direction and I’ll make a brain surgeon of her yet 😉

If you want to look Emma up you can find her in all these places:

Twitter: @AdventuresEM

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  1. The Contented? Maybe
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 11:38:35

    Great post. I’m only just embarking on motherhood (first baby due in 4 weeks) and so trying to imagine what my child will be like a 7 days is difficult enough, let alone 7 years!
    It must be difficult, as a parent, to have your child’s affection towards you ebb and flow, but it seems you and Chick have a lovely relationship (one which I hope to emulate).


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