Chasing I want…

I am always chasing things at the moment. I have a point where I want things to be but never seem to get there, just constantly chasing it! It is driving me mad!

1) I want the house tidy! I mean tidy, really tidy. I want the kitchen sorted, the office clean that would be a lovely thing.

2) I want the ironing done, we have so much we can’t actually tidy our bedroom as there is too much ironing!

3) I want all the washing done.

4) I want the paper work done, organised, filled away and dealt with! I no longer want to be rummaging around trying to find things.

5) I want I need a spreadsheet for money, including both our work things and personal. If we are ever going to sort our money we need to start budgeting!

6) I want the website up and running and done!

7) I want to be doing my writing course rather than it sitting in the drawer!

8) I want to be able to be on top of things so of an evening I can sit down I can read blogs, I can write, I can create!

9) I want to be able to have fun with Baba and not worry about everything that needs to be done.

10) I want to be able to sit down and see Mr L rather than running around organising things!

I seem to be totally rubbish at this and can never seem to get it right, and I have to admit it is driving me slightly insane. I don’t think I am asking for too much am I?

So how do you guys do it all? Do you have any tips?

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  1. foresightyourctpsychic
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 07:46:31

    How do you eat an elephant?

    One bite at a time….

    I find the best way to accomplish great things is Kaizen, the Japanese practice of getting things done by baby steps. You take something you want to get done and break it down into the biggest step you’ll move on now.If the step’s too big, and you find yourself dawdling, break it smaller

    So you might start cleaning your house by opening one closet, looking in, and closing it.

    Sounds silly, right? But getting moving, even a baby step, starts momentum that leads to more and bigger steps, without trriggering the resistance that causes us to put off things indefinitely….

    Works fo me….



  2. becky (babybudgeting)
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 08:16:51

    I just read a really good book called Housework Blues by danielle raine.. She says that stating what you want like you have and actually writing it down creates clear intent. so she would say you are on your way there. She says to be motivated you just need to think about how you will feel when you have DONE it and then start. just start. Plug in the iron anbd get out the board and say right I will do this for 15 moinutes then have a cup of tea.

    My books on its way to help you budget so relax on that one and I’ve never had a spreadsheet.

    Cut out as many steps to achievbing as you can – the less there is to do the more likely you can tick it off your list.

    Getting up an hour ealier could give you an hours date with your hubby tomorrow night. All it takes is to set your alarm.

    Stop pause and think for a mo: you are doing well:you have hobbies, a fab happy kid, a really successful blog (you are creating and writing) your oding brilliantly. Pause for amonent smile and know you are a successful competent woman who is achieveing.

    Now go and plug your iron in and focus on the goal (looking splendid) not the process. its only 15 mins to that cup of tea.


    • andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou
      Oct 26, 2010 @ 10:02:30

      Right thanks for this there is some great advice there. I can’t wait for you book to arrive and am now off to get this one as well. I think the getting up earlier maybe the answer have some stuff done before anyone else sounds a plan! xx


  3. Princess L
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 19:31:02

    Oh I know how you feel, sadly I have no tips though! lol! I blogged in a similar vein earlier in the week! I hope you figure out a way to manage it all! *hugs*


  4. Conversation Pieces
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 10:46:41

    Hmmm I’m a want machine so not sure if I have any tips… I’m still trying to figure out how to get anything done without getting super stressed (and coming to the conclusion that it might be impossible!) 😉


  5. foresightyourctpsychic
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 14:52:19


    My first book out (*doing the happy dance of accomplishment*) is “Adventures in Palmistry”, available on

    It’s a combination of how to read palms with stories from my over 40 years in the field.

    And it was written, edited and brought to completion using Kaizen/baby steps.

    So you can do what you need to too 🙂



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