Baba, Shells and Sea

Today I am tired very tired I hit all my deadlines yesterday but wore myself out in the process, so instead of sitting here and thinking of something magical to say I pass you over to Baba and the sea!

We went away to Wales in September and I haven’t written a lot about it, but it was a great first family holiday.

One of the days we headed off to the beach and it was a beautiful day there was no one else on the beach and we spent a good couple of hours walking around collecting the shells well I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking!


All these clips make me feel a little snug and warm inside, Baba had such a good time on holiday. We all did and it was so nice to be contactable and free to do what we wanted! It is special moments like these that you treasure forever!

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  1. Just a typical dad
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 15:10:42

    aaah there really nice 🙂
    Holidays with the little ones is always good fun just seeing there expressions at new things and seeing them go onto the beach for the first time!
    We had a really nice canvas made up of a black and white picture of Emma and Oli on the beach.


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