Obviously today was Halloween, but it was the first one in our house to be celebrated.

We usually hide out for Halloween I have to say, neither Mr L or myself being that bothered, but today we made an effort for Baba!

We went down to my sisters and he had a Halloween party with them. This was basically a little tea, with fingered rolls, blood filled eggs, and worm jelly! Which was a massive hit.

The children then carved a pumpkin, 

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

Baba made a couple of cuts for the pumpkins ears, he was really pleased with himself!

Then the fun really began when they all dressed up and got their faces painted! Baba was a skeleton like he was for his birthday but this time we had better luck with his face paints, and he wore his hood up the whole time so looked more like a skeleton.

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

You can’t really see him, he did not stand still after this! He was very excited as we were going trick or treating and he was allowed to walk. At this moment that was all he was excited about, walking, he didn’t understand trick or treating.

It did not take him long!

We meet up with my niece and nephews friends so there were five children and three parents trick or treating. At first Baba wasn’t sure. The second house he run in, and went into the lounge, they brought him out and he ran in again, they brought him out and he tried to get in again, luckily it was my sisters neighbours and they were very understanding! The other children thought it was very funny!

After this he was a little confused he didn’t really get why we were knocking on people’s houses and not going in! It didn’t take long.

After the 5th or 6th house he had got it!

He was standing at the front shouting “Treat” to the house owners, he was grabbing his own treats, and getting very grumpy if either of his big cousins did it for him. He wanted to do it all by himself, he was then running up the path shouting “hank you” to the owners. Once he was out of the houses path, he was asking my sister,

“Nother house, again”

And trying to walk down any path regardless of whether there was a pumpkin at the door or not. By the 12th or 13th house, he was collecting his treats running down the house paths and asking for “out” he wanted to eat the sweets there and then like his big cousin.

He had a great time, he was a hit with all the neighbours, everyone saying how cute he looked. My nephew loved telling his friends it was his baby cousin, and getting back to the house he ate a lot of the sweets and continued to run round the house like a mad man till we left at eight pm. However like all things, the sugar fix died, he quickly crashed and burned in the car on the way home.

I think a great day was had and one that will be talked about for a while yet!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 13:46:27

    Oh that was so lovely ,what an exciting world it is out there when you are two ,and just dicovering all these wonderful things …love Jan xx


  2. gemma limbrick
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 07:33:46

    That is such a great story and he looks so cute


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