Big Boy News!

I don’t know whether I am tempting fate by writing about this and have pondered it for a while! But every other milestone is written here so I can’t leave this one out as it is huge in our house.

Since a couple of weeks old, Baba has had a dummy and a muslin square wherever he goes. He uses it for bed, when he is sad, tired, bored, hurt, angry you name the emotion it is usually there. Usually there is also two or three muslins behind him.

They are affectionately known as “bummy and nunies”

Friday we had a hell of a night with him, he was awake at 3am for no reason and stayed awake. Mr L and I were beside ourselves with tiredness. So it took us a while before we realised that Baba hadn’t actually asked for his dummy all day. We just left it, we carried on with our day it was put in the bag, but was never mentioned so we didn’t hand it over.

When it came to bedtime both Mr L and I really thought Baba would ask for it then but again it wasn’t mentioned. He went to bed with his CD on and fell asleep fine. No problems at all. So we took them to bed with us just incase he woke up wanting them, but put them in a drawer. Nothing all night.

Sunday he mentioned “bummy, nunies” once Mr L said “oh you’re a big boy now” and Baba carried on no mention again.

We weren’t really believing it, and thought the meltdown would come last night.

Nothing, he went to bed and had Woody with him in bed, just like Andy and fell asleep fine. Not a peep all night.

So today I really thought it would kick off as he has been falling asleep in the car during the day over the weekend but today he went to sleep in his bed. I admit it did take longer for him to go to sleep but still no mention of either thing.

Now I hate to say those words, “We have c****ed it” I am not sure if he is lulling us into a false sense of reality but maybe he isn’t maybe this is it. I am not sure. We are taking one day at a time and see how he goes.

There is a part of me that is so proud of him, but there is a little bit that just wants to cry! Baba not needing these any more really means he is coming out of the baby stage for good. I think this and him starting pre school together so closely, that only happened friday have really hit me like a bolt. I knew it was coming but it is sad. There is a part of me that is mourning the baby time that I had with him. I know that I am getting just as good times with him, even better now. But I think it is the fact that he is only going to get more and more independent now!

Someone said to me the other day isn’t it time to have another, now he is at pre school. I don’t know not yet I don’t think. I want more, there is no question about that, but at the moment I just don’t want to miss out on him and I still can not see how I can share the love I have for him.

I don’t care how big, strong, tall and lippy he gets he is still my baby boy whether he needs his “bummy and nunies” or not!

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  1. The Moiderer
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 15:18:36

    That’s great. The little one has dummies overnight and no other time (note the plural!) A similar thing happened to us where she had lost them all so we sent her to bed without them. That night was fine so we tried removing them the next night and clearly were not as lucky as you. In fact, she still accuses the Dream Fairy that hangs in her room of stealing her dummies and is a little traumatised by it!
    Needless to say she has them again now – but as ever only overnight.
    Sounds like you’ve cracked it with baba though – great news.


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