Animals Who Would Have Them?

We are an animal loving family. But I really pulled out every trick I had to convince Mr L to let Baba have his rabbits.

The final statement he made when we collected them was that he wasn’t paying for anything at the vets for them.

So imagine how I felt today when I picked up Stewie and something was hanging out his bottom that was large and pink. I won’t spare you all the gory details but it looked like his genitals were hanging out. Now my instinct was to ring the vets but I knew that I couldn’t do it without confirming with Mr L.

I called him and explained the situation and he said that I had better take him to the vets.

So a phone call later the vet confirmed that we had better take him in. Now I am sorry to all male readers but basically poor Stewie has ripped his testicles and torn them apart so he could be stitched back together although that posed a risk of infection or castration. So castration it was.

He has come out of the operation ok and is quite lively so we can collect him tonight after five. I have just about got over the shock of the cost. I don’t know whether Mr L will though or whether he will get over the shock that Stewie is going to have to be indoors for a couple of days while he is recovering. I think he may have a lot to say about that and it won’t be repeatable I am sure. Although deep down he won’t let an animal suffer and I think the area that hurts will make Mr L feel for poor Stewie.

So our day has been eventful and I am sure it will remain so over the next few hours.

I tell you there is always something with animals isn’t there. Sometimes I think they are worse than children!

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  1. Emma
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 17:02:59

    Ouchie at Stewie’s injury and ouchie at the bill!! Hope Stewie and your purse both recover soon!! 🙂


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