CBeebies Song Time CD

We were sent the CBeebies Song Time CD to review and what a hit it was!

I was really impressed that it was  a 2CD album, with over 50 songs from the CBeebies channel. I was also impressed that we actually knew almost all of the songs, I think there was maybe 5 or 6 that we had never heard of but other than that we knew them in various forms. Obviously some of the songs were a lot longer on the CD than on the TV but this didn’t bother Baba just more dancing time!

Baba loved it from the moment we put it on, shouting out the names of the programmes that the songs were related to and dancing around his bedroom. It has become a firm favourite in the car, meaning Baba no longer sleeps in the car, he just dances in his car seat. (Not so good!) As it is a 2CD album, it is great for long journeys, as we don’t have to listen to the same songs over and over again.

I think there is a good variation on the CD including, ZingZillas, LazyTown, Postman Pat, Something Special, In The Night Garden, Gigglebiz, Charlie and Lola, Timmy Time, Waybuloo, and Tinga Tanga Tales just to name a few. But the best bit was Baba did not get bored with it, he can repeatedly listen to it for ages and it does not bore him. That is a good sign, he is a two-year old boy he gets bored easily.

All in all CBeebies Song Time got a double thumbs up from us. I would have brought it anyway being that it was a CBeebies CD as Baba loves the channel, but now having listened to it I would highly recommend it. You can get it here for just £8.95 which I think is a great price because it provides hours of entertainment in our house!

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