Snow Days

Last night I had a grand three hours sleep.

Baba went down with a severe case of croup and was up all night. We used his inhaler and he was really struggling there was a point where we were seriously thinking about calling the ambulance. But Mr L managed to calm him and his breathing became deeper.

But still there was no sleep for me.

I hate croup and sat with him for most of the night. He took ages to go back to sleep. I think he scared himself. But when he finally did I had moved his bed round so that he was facing me and he would only sleep holding my hand. So all in all a really restless night.

Then today we woke to snow. Instantly I decided that I wasn’t going to be taking him out today. But I did want to ask the doctor something so am waiting for a call back. As the days of doctors coming out to you are long gone!

So instead we have sat on the sofa watching movies. Mickey Mouse, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo so far and I am sure we can find some more for later.

Baba is tired. I am tired. But he won’t give in so nor can I. I am willing for him to give in but he nearly goes and then starts coughing and wakes himself up.

Do any of you have any fab tips? Steam doesn’t touch Baba’s croup never has. But I need to do something otherwise it is going to be a long day and night.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 12:31:39

    Poor little man and poor Mummy ,can he sleep propped up abit on some pillows?
    ,hope he feels better soon and you both get some sleep ,which we know is a great healer …love Jan xx


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