So it’s 11 days till Christmas and I have a few things to do. I need to edit some pictures, make some albums, edit some films make some nice films with music you know the stuff. Some cards still need to be written only work ones mind! I have to make the family cards and now I have got some knitting added to the equation so not too much to do!

Oh and no wrapping or starting the industrial task of putting toys together has started. That is at least two days taken up there so that leaves me nine days to do everything else! Not much time then!

I know it will all be worth it in the end and that everyone will love everything that they have been given / made. But I have a feeling I maybe surviving on four maybe less hours sleep a night between now and Christmas.

The past few nights alone I have been up till 2.30 getting things done and I don’t think it will change.

So if I am a little distant on here or over on twitter please don’t take offence. I will be blogging but I may not be reading. I will be sitting in the craft room with paper, glue and knitting all around me…

Rocking and pulling my hair out.

Doing nothing productive and then as per usual I shall be up all Christmas eve, wrapping and silently going insane. But isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marylin
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 09:48:25

    I need to sort out the kids pressies too. Actually, need to put up the decs asap. I’m lazy. >_<


  2. Mummy Matters
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 03:02:53

    I’m right there with you, ‘so’ much to do and ‘so’ little time. Hope you manage to get everything done and have a great christmas x


  3. Emma
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 21:15:49

    We have plenty of time.. *she says as she rocks herself back & forth*


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