Really, Seriously!

Now firstly an apology this is not a ‘yeah it’s Christmas’ post, far from it. This is a really god damn it post!

In the past seven days three of my immediate family have been in hospital. All three have come out with serious things to be done or diagnosis.

They say things come in threes don’t they.

Firstly my dad has to have an operation on his shoulder. But it may not work there are three reasons it may not work if that happens he will need a new shoulder. That is happening the beginning of next year.

Mr L has been in pain for years and years. He sleeps all the time and says his back, knees, legs, hips, arms and hands hurt all day long. He dislocates his shoulder a few times a year and is in constant pain. He finally got an appointment last week and has been diagnosed with Hypermobility. I still don’t understand it really to be honest. I have been trying to research it. But Christmas has taken over to be honest.

From what I can gather his body stretches further than normal. Which it does that’s for sure I have never seen someone stretch his back backwards as far as Mr L can. As his body stretches further than normal it is in pain because it is working harder. Now I maybe wrong here. If I am I am glad for anyone to correct me as we honestly know nothing. We have been told he has to have physio to go back in six months, and it’s hereditary. Thanks!

After Christmas day we are seriously going to research this to find out more information on it. As it is scary not knowing everything about it!

Yesterday Baba went to see the consultant about his eyes and his lashes growing into his eyes on his bottom lashes. We thought that they had started to move. Everyone did. In hindsight I think we were all hoping.

They haven’t. We didn’t get the news we wanted! He has to have both eyes operated on in the next two to three months.

Obviously it is something he has to have done. So he will have it. Last night I was so upset about it and I still am.

I am terrified. Off taking him in, him having the operation and everything else that comes with it. I am trying really hard not to think about it, but there are so many questions that I have and things that are concerning me. But they are a whole other post.

So I am a bit drained by it all to say the least. We are entering 2011 with lots of things hanging over our head. It is going to be difficult at times next year. People are going to be hurting. There are going to be tears and lots of anticipation, fear and unknowing.

Hopefully we will come out the other side. Happy, somewhat fixed, and less painful (I am not saying pain free as I don’t think Mr L will ever be.)

It is scary but there is nothing better than knowing where you are starting from is there? We have starting points for everyone it is just where they will all finish?

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. susie@newdaynewlesson
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 19:19:41

    Hugs hun.


  2. Emma
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 23:17:26

    Wow….it never rains, it just pours! Sending you big hugs. You know that I’m here whatever you need xx


  3. Jen
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 22:00:18

    I, and my three children, are hypermobile. It is probably too late for me but have been looking at getting special shoes (or inserts) for the children to try and ease the strain on their legs. I already have problems because of it, but it is kind of hard to describe what it is only that we move too much and further than ‘normal’, we are more elastic!

    Hope the eye operation comes around soon, if only to get it over with.



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